Spying on my cheating boyfriend

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Georgie (Gee) By Georgie (Gee) Updated a year ago
"THAT SON OF A BITCH IS CHEATING ON ME, GEMMA!"  Helen Pearce is almost positive that her 3 year boyfriend is cheating on her. He shows all the signs of it for goodness sake! He goes away for long weekends supposedly for work being one of them. The problem is, he's the greatest manipulator on earth who actually COULD lie to save his life. So Helen takes action. She decides to spy on him. But who knew that spying was so challanging? Hell, it's easier said than done...
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lol and guess what throughout the entire story I have been waiting for a break up but nope I just read about her knowing that hes cheating and not doing shit about it its annoying
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