I've Switched Bodies With Zayn Malik !!!

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Betty By Betty Updated a year ago
[ISBWZM] What would you do if one morning you woke up in someone elses body? And that somebody just happened to be an internationally renowned pop star. Meet Mia-Skye Peproméno, an ordinary high school girl who ends up in an extraordinary situation & Zayn Malik, an extraordinary individual who ends up in a not so ordinary situation. Join Skye & Zayn as they try to reverse the switch. Its sure to be a roller-coaster experience you won't want to miss ;)
I'm so glad wattpad suggested this can't wait to see how this story unfolds!
interesting will the girl in the guys body fall in love with one of the boys
hahaha, laughed till my tummy hurt. Voted and added to my library
omg this is really good. now i'm wondering what i'd do if i was in her shoes. hmm :))
Hey Directioners and AmaZAYNs Please read my story 'Beyond Infinity'.................now directioner won't you answer to the call of another directioner
Please comment and vote too!!!(:
Thus is so unique, I've never seen something like this before its quite funny... Got me laughing at their reactions. Great job! :) x