I've Switched Bodies With Zayn Malik !!!

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suuperninja By suuperninja Updated a year ago
[ISBWZM] What would you do if one morning you woke up in someone elses body? And that somebody just happened to be an internationally renowned pop star. Meet Mia-Skye Peproméno, an ordinary high school girl who ends up in an extraordinary situation & Zayn Malik, an extraordinary individual who ends up in a not so ordinary situation. Join Skye & Zayn as they try to reverse the switch. Its sure to be a roller-coaster experience you won't want to miss ;)
elmoflim elmoflim 2 years ago
I'm so glad wattpad suggested this can't wait to see how this story unfolds!
joeannmitchell joeannmitchell 2 years ago
interesting will the girl in the guys body fall in love with one of the boys
Anna1014 Anna1014 2 years ago
hahaha, laughed till my tummy hurt. Voted and added to my library
insanelyimmature insanelyimmature 2 years ago
omg this is really good. now i'm wondering what i'd do if i was in her shoes. hmm :))
ZinairKans ZinairKans 2 years ago
Hey Directioners and AmaZAYNs Please read my story 'Beyond Infinity'.................now directioner won't you answer to the call of another directioner
Please comment and vote too!!!(:
AwKwArD_M AwKwArD_M 2 years ago
Thus is so unique, I've never seen something like this before its quite funny... Got me laughing at their reactions. Great job! :) x