How Do I Choose Between My Head And Heart

What would happen if Tom Parker didn’t have a brother? He actually had a sister. Who just so happens to be in love with his band mate. Nathan Sykes… What would also happen, if Tom Parker’s band mate, Nathan Sykes has fallen into the forbidden zone of loving his best mates sister. Follow Melina and Nathan’s story as... She: Rockets through the sky, leaves the Battleground for the final time because she is running from her Warzone, plays with Lightning and gets threw her All Time Low. While He: Lose’s His Mind, is somewhat Glad She Came, get’s out from Behind Bar’s, want’s her for The Weekend and also managing to be her Personal Soldier when times get tough. While Max hopes they aren't the Last To Know and fills that Heart Vacancy. But most importantly can they stay Gold Forever while Chasing The Sun
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pls kindly open my page and read my first fanfic, if i get at least 50 reads i'll update, thank you so much!
Omg!! THE WANTED FANFIC!!!!! I LOVE Nathan!!! <3 i read ur fanfic for claudia in one direction & it was sooo good!!!!
"now lets go. i want a f***ing drink" haha soooo tom :) this is a great story i love it!
so when the guys see her modeling i kept saying "omg" over and over again while laughing in hysterics. this is great! lol
She's a fan of Manchester United? I already love this story and I'm only on chapter 2 :DD
Love love LOVE this but please can you update the claudia's dirty little secret first??<3<3

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