That was then ( Zayn Malik love story)

Zayn and Mia were friends. Good friends. They would do nearly everything together. They promised to text everyday whilst he was away at X-factor, that was before he decided to break it. Before he decided she was annoying before he decided he was too busy for her. That was then.
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ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? MIA IS MY NAME!!! <3 I HEART YOOU, DEAR AUTHOR OF THIS BOOK! YOU HAVE OFFICIALLY JUST MADE A GIRL FEEL GOOD ABOUT HERSELF!!! @Candyrose123 -> could you guys read and share my fan fic pleeeaasseeeee *~*
it's a really great book! It is one of the very few books that actually cuts through my emotions which makes me cry! Love it! Please update! ♥
Hey! Sorry for the late reply , anyways I like scandal as k pop band and boys over flowers as k drama
omg i love you story its so good its funny because my name is  Mia. there are a lot of talented people on watt pad and you are one of them
Can u update sooner then three weeks? I honestly love this story and can't wait for the next chapter xx

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