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Lab Rats (A Bionic Love/Friendship Story)


In the last couple of weeks since the whole fiasco at the dance I hung out more around the Davenport household and managed to do the impossible: I managed to charm Mr. Davenport. And what's really weird is that I can go down to the lab whenever I want. Crazy right? I feel like I entered the Twilight Zone. So now I was down in the lab with Adam, Chase, Bree, Leo and Mr. Davenport.

"Okay guys, the next phase of your training is handling extreme climates." Mr. Davenport explained "So we'll frost Chase, bake Bree, and submerge Adam. Not part of the training. I just got one of those carnival dunk tanks and I can't wait to try it out." I smiled and my eyes landed on Chase. He smiled back at me but looked away blushing.

Chase entered is capsule "Okay Chase, I'm setting your tube on Antarctic. If it gets too much just give me a sign." I worried for a moment before realizing that my boyfriend is a bionic which made everything so much cooler.

"Bring it!"

Mr. Davenport turned the machine on "Hey that's not fair. I want to be abused my weather."

"Leo if you really want to be abused try standing over here next to Adam's morning breath." Bree said and I smiled.

"I don't have morning breath," Adam said "It smells like that all day." Eww, that's so gross.

"Leo these guys are genetically engineered to handle these kinds of climates. You're not."

"I can handle extreme cold."

"Leo, you get brain freeze from chewing mint gum."

I laughed and Leo turned to me "It's not funny Katie."

"To you maybe." I said back.

Mr. Davenport's phone went off "Davenport. What? Well that's terrible!" we followed Mr. Davenport around the lab. What was going on? "I mean, well, that's awesome, but that's terrible. I-I got to do something!"

"What's going on? What's terrible?" Adam asked what was on all of our minds.

"Well, I created the worlds fastest train but now it's speeding out of control full of highly explosive neuclonium towards downtown Welkerville!"

"Well then what was  awesome?" I asked.

"It's going like four hundred miles an hour." Mr. Davenport gushed "My entire career is riding or perhaps crashing on this train and I don't understand. My design was flawless." He started typing something in his computer.

"So flawless that you forgot to include the emergency brake?" Leo asked.

"No. I never counted on the conductor dropping his papaya smoothie all over the controls and then dropping off the train."

"Well if I were to build a high speed train first thing I would have put in was a cup holder. Oh! And one of those bumper stickers on the back that says 'I break for cows'." I rolled my eyes at Adam.

"You know when stuff like this happens they always blame the scientist. This is human error. Scientist's don't make mistakes."

There was a tapping on the door and I turned to see my boyfriend frozen like a  human Popsicle.

"Chase. Now I have to explain the whole train story again."

 I ran and opened up the door while Bree was getting him a towel. Once he was wrapped Bree, Leo and I tried to warm Chase up. I placed my hands on either side of his face to warm up his cheeks "Feeling any better?" I asked.

Chase smiled "Much. Thanks."

Mr. Davenport came in carrying a couple of bags "The good news is whenever I create something I always create a back-up device to support it."

"As suppose to building it right the first time?" Chase said and I pinched his shoulder.

"Be nice."

"You know I think I liked you better frozen." I rolled my eyes but smiled at their banter "My auxiliary decelerator will stop anything. Ocean liners, freight trains, tanks, eighteen wheelers, twelve wheelers..."

"Does it stop unnecessarily long explinations?" Leo asked.

 "Apparently so. One problem I can't figure out is how to get it on the train."

Bree, Chase and Adam exchanged looks and I didn't like it "You guys thinking what I'm thinking?" Bree asked.

"Our first mission!" Bree and Chase.

"I wanna pet pig!" Obviously Adam would say something like that.

"No, no, no. You are not prepared for this kind of mission. It is a highly volitile situation. Down the line, fingers crossed there will be plenty of horrible disasters."

"Yeah but you need to stop this train now and you need us to help you do it." Chase said and I cursed the wind for how incredibly smart he is. "Your career depends on it."

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Rats on a Train


Sarah Hylandas Katherine Davis
Billy Ungeras Chase Davenport
Spencer Boldmanas Adam Davenport
Kelli Burglundas Bree Davenport
Tyrel Jackson Williamsas Leo Davenport
Hal Sparksas Donald Davenport
Angel Parkeras Tasha Davenport
Robert Downey Nick Davis

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