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Dont Leave Me (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction) *ON HOLD*


-ROBYN (: 

"Natasha!" My dads booming voice was so loud it could almost shake the house "Get out here, right now!" 
Harry and Louis were sleeping, I would've woken them up, but they just looked so peaceful. I didn't want to intrude their slumber.

"Yes dad?" I asked rubbing my eyes trying to get used to the morning sun light

"Do you like those boys?" He gave me a wide smile reaching ear to ear

"Well, of course I do!" I smiled back


My dad walked away from me and went out the back yard for a second. I heard rustling coming from the den. I was questioning if I should go out there but then he came back in with something held behind his back so I couldn't see it.

"So, you like the boys?" He asked me again

I nodded

"And if the boys up and left, would you be upset?" 

I had to think about that for a second. The boys would have to leave sometime. They are on tour! I couldn't be upset, because its there job. But I would be upset because they wouldn't be here to protect me. 

I shook my head as if saying 'no'

"Good." He pulled the object that was held behind his back, and showed me it.


It was a gun.


"I want you to kill them." He said bluntly staring at me with a sickening smirk


"I want you to kill those sons of bitches!" He shouted at me

I could never do that, I love them. They are perfect. They are my friends. Sure, I have only known them for 3 days, but yesterday night they finally opened up to me.

They told me about their lifes, and their families, and what they love to do in their spare time. They're my friends. And anyways, I wouldn't have the guts to kill anyone. And I wouldn't.

"N-no." I said turning away

My dad didn't reply he just came up behind me, picked me up, and through me in to the garage with the boys. 
I let out a blood curtling scream as there was a blow to my rib cage. I think I broke my rib.

The guys shot up and looked at me with wide eyes as I tried to cath my breath while holding my side.

"Holy shit, Natasha!" Louis shouted running towards me

He layed beside me looking deep in to my eyes while rubbing my side. I have to admit, it did feel better.

Louis told Harry to go back to sleep and he did as he was told.

"Are you okay now?" Louis whispered to me sending chills down my spine

"I'm fine now, thanks" I whispered back putting my hand on his cheek while staring back in to his eyes.

Wait, what was I doing? I quickly pulled my hand away and gave him an apologetic smile. But it didn't seem like Louis cared because he grabbed my hand and placed it on my cheek again.

"I never noticed how blue your eyes were, Louis."

"Your eyes are like pools of green. Its fantastic!"

I blushed and hid my face in my jacket, while giggling.

Louis pulled my jacket away from my face, and stared in to my eyes, as if he was looking for a certain emotion but was unable to find it.

It was then that I could feel our faces getting closer together, like magents. We were getting so close our noses were almost touching. Was I going to kiss Louis? Yes I-

"Guys?" Harry mumbled getting up from his short sleep "Guys, what the hell are you doing?"

"Nothing.." I groaned and lifted my head off of the cold concrete floor and placed it on Louis' chest.

I could feel and hear his steady heart rate, it was soothing, I could fall asleep to it. 

"Dont fall asleep, love.." Louis whispered to me kissing the top of my head and began humming a lullaby. He was purposely trying to make me fall asleep

"You silly carrot.." I murmured tiredly . I was still laying on his chest as I fell in to a deep, comfy, sleep.


I woke up to Louis shaking me vigorously off of his chest and sitting me up

"Natasha! Natasha get up now!" He said shaking me again


"Your dad wants you!" 

I groaned to myself, got up, and walked inside the house and turned to face my dad who was standing outside the door.

"Take it." He said with anger in his voice

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