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The Powers that Be


just itching to try and post a little something for kicks. i'd like to know what

you really think. thanks :)

Chapter one: Sam i am

Ok, cool. So here i am at one of my favorite coffee places waiting for my usual - a mocha frappe with extra whipped cream. Sometimes i also get a gingersnap cookie or a revel bar, they're simply divine. This is isn't one of those times though. That's how Carl, the coffee guy, knows to leave me alone with my business. Maybe he calls me 'whipped cream girl' or 'moody cookie girl'. Or maybe just crazy weird girl. We're friends but we've hardly spoken to each other aside from the usual pleasantries. He knows my name from hearing it a thousand times from my boisterous friends when we meet up here. And i know he lights a cigarette on his breaks but never actually smokes them. Maybe i'm not the only weird or moody one.

Then again...

I'm supposed to be running away from the only real home i've known but i'm sitting right here about to sip iced coffee and languidly lick whipped cream off my finger. Yeah. that's me. i only have a messenger bag stuffed with a change of clothes, some chocolate bars and mixed nuts, my usual contents that i never leave home without, and a few weapons and gadgets. Ones that i'm not sure will be of much use to me. Oh, but i haven't gotten to the worst part yet.

I left without a word to my first and only real friends and the same nothing to... my sister. My sister, who i've never left alone before, in fact, i've taken care of only her all our lives. Now, i've never felt so empty and alone. And lost. i can't bring myself to regret leaving her behind though. She'll be much safer there. I hope.

"Hey, you ok?" I was startled not by the sudden interruption, but by the close proximity of warm, green eyes under a crown of blond curls and full, pink lips twisted in a smirk. "Uhh, hey Carl. I'm fine, thanks."

"You sure?" he pressed, barely able to stop from smiling wide. What do you care all of a sudden? Is he trying to flirt?

"Of course. Why?" i asked. "Well," he was eyeing my coffee so i followed his gaze. Ho-ly. Freak-ing.

"You've had your fingers dipped in that drink for a few seconds too long." he chuckled. Even though i've just taken my fingers out of the ice, it suddenly felt too hot in here.

"Right thanks. Just... Uhm. You know. Just..." i stuttered as i wiped my fingers furiously and tried to fan away the blush on my face. yeah, That's just typical of me. Would he even understand what i meant when i said i like the feel of water and cold ice? That it helps me calm down and think? Maybe. A lot of people feel calm around water. But they're not like me. They don't get my connection to ice and stuff.

"No need to explain further." he smiled again. "If you do ever have something you want to talk about, you're always welcome right here." Yeah. Like you can handle my baggage. But that was sweet.

"Gee, thanks." Aw, hell. The blush came running back. i don't handle heat as well as my sister and everyone else does. That's just how i am. It's suffocating.

"Anytime." he said and went back to work. But a minute later he put a plate of gingersnaps on my table. "On me. To help you feel better." Now i was startled and couldn't say anything. i had to much on my mind. i reluctantly took one and nibbled on it. Then i almost cried.

My sister and i used to sneak cookies and treats to each other's rooms back at the Agency. Sometimes our friends, Nicholas and Michael, would just sneak us all into the kitchen. With what we're all capable of, it was barely sneaking. i just thought back to those days. i could control my own tears though, this is me we're talking about, so it was just a little moistening in my eyes. Through it, i could see Carl peeking at me. i turned my head to the windows and grabbed for another cookie.

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