huh? harry styles sister?..(one direction fanfic)


hi guys,this is my 1st fanfic so i hope its okay,its based on a idea i have had over the past couple of weeks but i just didnt know how to right it,so here goes,please comment :)

this chapter is just the summary and characters,enjoy :)

Summary- Amylee is fourteen years old.she is the younger sister of harry styles but she doesnt know it.she doesnt have a last name.she lives in a care home with her best friends, twin sisters Hollie&Jess.What will happen when she finds out she is the younger sister of one of the five most loved boys all over the world.what will happen when her parents,brother,sister&his band mates all turn up wanting to see her and adopt her back into the family,will she agree or not?


Ciara Bravo as Amylee

Harry Styles as himself

Louis Tomlinson as himself

Liam Payne as himself

Zayn Milak as himself

Naill Horan as himself

Anne Cox as herself

Edward Milward as himself

Gemma Styles as herself

(by the way,harrys parents are together in this story)

Please comment and tell me what you think :) xx


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Ciara Bravoas Amylee
Harry Stylesas himself
Liam Payneas himself
Zayn Malikas himself
Louis Tomlinsonas himself
Niall Horanas himself
Bailee Madisonas Jess
Bailee Madisonas hollie

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