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Mindless In Detention <3


Next Morning


Jade: *tries to sneaks inside the apartment*


Andi: *hears her/ sitting at the bar drinking* had a nice night?


Jade: *jumps* uhm dont you think its a little early to be drinking?


Andi: *nods* touche,but what can i say i got mom's unhealthy traits *drinks more* oh yeah, Bianca wants to go to the carnival Friday.


Jade: ok


Andi: you should go to bed it doesnt look like you got much sleep last night.


Jade: *blushes* good idea *walks toward bedroom*


Andi: tell Ray i said hello


Jade: *gives her a worried look* what??


Andi: *laughs* i'm just joking. *gets up/ grabs jacket*


Jade: where you going?


Andi: *lies* Digg's crib


Jade: ok, see you later. *goes to bed*


Andi: *smiles/leaves*




Andi: *knocks on door*


??: you came.


Andi: *pushes him aside/ walks in sits on couch* what did you want Papi i got things to do


Prince: *sits on the couch* Andi, i just wanted to apoligize about what happend in biology class and whats been happening this whole week between us.


Andi: Are you apoligizing just because i slimed your hair or because i put a frog down your pants or or because i took your clothes after gym and made you run down the halls yelling trying to get them back *laughs* that was my favorite


Prince: *sighs heavy* i just want it to stop, i mean i miss you. i miss what we used to be before this all started.


Andi: *bites her lip* your right and now that your saying this i realize how sexy. irrestible you really are *climbs on top of him* and i just wanna say *kisses his neck/ whispers in his ear* your gonna have to try harder then that Papi. *gets off him/ turns to closet* Hi Boys *blows Prince a kiss* Byee. *leaves*


Prod/Roc: *comes out with a camera*


Prince: *heavy sigh/ leans back on couch* i told yal it wouldnt work she's too smart for that


Prod: this was all Roc's idea, i was just planning on taking you to the carnival this Friday


Prince: a carnival, idk Prod i dont think thats a good idea


Prod: just trust me, your mind will be over Andi in no time


Prince: i dont wanna be over Andi


Prod: well dammit Prince, she wants to be over you so i suggest you try to get over her.




@ the Carnival


Bianca: OMG(!) look at that come on Diggy we can share cotton candy like Lady & the Tramp shared spaghetti. *pulls his arm towards the concession stands*


Diggy: *to Andi* HELP ME(!)


Andi: *laughs/ waves*


JADE: *smiling/ texting Ray*


Andi: can you give the texting thing a break geesh, i feel like i'm the 5th weel at this carnival


Jade: its impossible to be the 5th weel when Diggy wants to kill his date.


Andi: *laughs* lets get on a ride or something...please.




With Prince/Roc/Prod


Prince: i cant believe i let you two talk me into this crap.


Roc:its not that bad Prince, look theres a girl right there go talk to her


Prince: i dont want-


Prod: *pushes him into her*


Girl: ow(!) *turns to him/ smiles/ plays with hair* Hi, i'm miranda.


Prince: uh...hey i'm Prince.


Miranda: cool, you wanna get on some rides with me.


Prince:sure *looks behind her sees Andi/ Jade* thanks.


Miranda: ok? *frowns* i'll see you around hopefully you'll change your mind *walksaway*


Prod: dude wtf? she was bad


Prince: she was alright *still looking at Andi/Jade*


Prod: who are you looking at?


Prince: *points to Andi/Jade/ goes to sitdown*


Roc: you wanna go to the bank tonight or tomorrow?


Prod: the nights not over yet. *follows Prince* this is what she wants Prince, she wants you to see her have fun she wants to see you at your lowest.


Roc: you cant let her win Prince




With Andi/ Jade


Andi: that was ah-mazing*Laughs/ high-fives Jade*


Jade: where is Diggy & Bianca?


Andi: idk, but we should find them Diggy is gonna kill me.


*They find them*


Andi: *smiles/ looks at Diggs* you two looked like you were having fun


Diggy: *glares at Andi* she bit me


Bianca: and you taste delicious sweet cakes. *blows him a kiss*


Andi/ Jade: *covers mouth/ giggles*


Andi: *hugs diggy/ puppy dog face* i'm sowwy. *smiles/ sees Prince/ to Diggy* you wanna get rid of Bianca?


Diggy: i wanted to get rid of Bianca 2 hours ago.


Andi: alright *goes over to Bianca* hey Bee, this guy i've been talking to been asking for you all night he's dying to meet you.

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