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kingdom hearts wars


Rules of the world's book

Who ever read's this book will lean what and how thing's work you will need to read all of this book if u want to pass the test to got in to mage academy and knight boot camp for new ranks and for keyblade temlper's new rank's you have to learn what your job is.

Human's are composed of three parts: body, soul and heart. The body acts as a vessel for the heart and soul, with the soul giving life to the body. The heart holds their memories and gives them emotion, light, and darkness.

When darkness consumes a character's heart, they become corrupted and turn into Heartless; a Nobody is created from the remaining body and soul. Heartless act as forces of darkness, seeking to consume more hearts, including those of worlds.

In addition, it still appear's that people can "die" like normal if not transformed into a Heartless. 

 The universe is divided into planes of existence called "realms". Most of the worlds take place in the "realm of light". Opposite the realm of light is the "realm of darkness", where Kingdom Hearts resides and where Heartless are born.

The "in-between realm" is a plane where Nobodies come into existence. As well as these known realm's a lot of bad guy's are  banished to a "realm of nothingness", which some one described as a realm "where all existence has been disintegrated".

The heart may be weak, and sometimes it may even give in... But I learned that deep down there's a light that never goes out.

  All worlds begin in darkness, and all so end. The heart is no different. Darkness sprouts within it, it grows, consumes it. Such is its nature. In the end, every Heart returns to the darkness whence it came! You see, darkness is the Heart's true essence...

 Heart It is known, however, that the heart is primarily made up of light and darkness, the latter of which formed due to people's greed. The exception to this are the Princesses of Heart, maiden's whose hearts are free of darkness.

The heart appears to be responsible for the composure of memories, will, goals, and ambitions The heart is also responsible for emotions.

Light and darknass

Light is a force parallel to Darkness Although often associated with the forces of good, light is not entirely benevolent. 

Darkness is a force parallel to Light, and Darkness has been known to cause the loss of people's hearts if they have delved too deep into it.

Slowly suppressed and conquered by darkness's influence, these unfortunate souls become Heartless and, if their Heart is strong enough, leave behind a body that becomes a Nobody.

Those who follow the path of Darkness will usually gain untold power at the expense of something of their former selves.

Though darkness is mostly used by  villains and is believed to be pure evil, it is not entirely malevolent. Nearly all beings have darkness in their hearts, but the levels of darkness and light vary from person to person.

For instance, There are a few exceptions to this rule, however, as all seven of the Princesses of Heart naturally have hearts completely devoid of darkness.

The Realm of Light  is a realm made up mostly of light and make's up almost half of the Kingdom Hearts universe, similar to the Realm of Darkness. Like the Realm of Darkness, the Realm of Light has a Keyblade, the Kingdom Key.

Most of the  worlds are found here,  It can be presumed that most of the Worlds accessible by the Gummi Ship are either within the Realm of Light.

The door leading to the Realm of Light is called the Door to Light. What can caused the door to appear, though one reason could be the light within the heart.

The Realm of Darkness is a realm made up of darkness and make's up almost half of the Kingdom Hearts universe, its counterpart being the Realm of Light.

 Like the Realm of Light, the Realm of Darkness also has a Keyblade, the Kingdom Key D,  Little is known about this realm, save for the fact that it is the home of the Heartless and Kingdom Hearts is found in it.

The Door to Darkness is a door in the Realm of Darkness that leads to the deepest, vastest darkness. In this darkness lies an endless swarm of Heartless. Beneath this darkness, however, is the light of Kingdom Hearts.

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