“Stop!” I screamed my lungs out. I couldn’t stand what they were doing to my husband. How cruel could they be? The only thing I could look at was his eyes stopping my self from looking at his body. They had ripped him into shreds right in front of me. One man was holding me back with his free hand.

“Marie.” My husband said chocking out blood. I wanted to go down to him and hold him in my arms. I wanted to cry as my heart felt as someone was ripping it into shreds.

“Mark!” I said feeling tears fall down. I let out a scream as someone stabbed his leg again. Blood was oozing out his wound.

He grunted in pain, he eyes never leaving mine. I could see fear in his eyes, which made me want to look away. Not wanting to see the last minutes of my husband like this.

“Hey, after we are done with your husband. I would show you a good time, I’ll make you forget all about him.” Someone said grabbing my forearm pulling me to them. I could see his brown disgusting eyes look over me. I could smell liquor and sweat off him. His other free hand roamed my body. I pulled away only for him to grab me harder.

“Stop!” I said trying to get away from his touch. The other guy kept stabbing my husband with his sword. I could hear my husband trying to say something to the man in front of me.

“Let her go!” I could make out. Even dying he still thinks about me.

“How about I shut you up forever?”The man in front of me said. The man who was stabbing my husband back away as the man in front of me went up to my husband and struck his own knife into my husband heart.

I screamed putting my hands to mouth in horror. I watched as my husbands green eyes looked into mine. They were pleading for the last seconds of his life to not cry over him. I watched as they lost light and energy. His skin turned pale and he didn’t move.

What did my husband ever do to deserve to die this way? How could the king be as cruel as so to let this pass? I will have my revenge on them. I will get my revenge on the people who killed my husband, and on the king. Let his grave be chosen, for he will die a slow and painful death.

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