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Arranged Marriage To My Boss

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Ayan yung labas estate-mansyon nila Zach on the left.


Andito kami ngayon sa library ni Zach ipinakita naman niya sakin yung nireprint niya na Contract na nakasave naman pala sa laptop niya.


Para siyang boys scout. Always ready.


"Pwede bang maging responsable ka naman paminsan minsan Irisian Marie?" Galit na saad sakin ni Zach.


Wala akong ligtas T^T Galit pa siya ayokong nagagalit siya natatakot ako.


"I'm sorry nawala kasi sa isip ko" Nakayuko lang ako.


"Because you are being irresponsible I added new rules and punishments to this contract for you to learn your lesson" He snaps.


Mas lalo lang akong ipinahamak ng pagiging malilimutin ko. T^T Sinusunod ko naman yung rules kahit papaano di ko lang talaga napirmahan may masama ba dun?


Binasa ko naman agad yung nakalagay.


Arrangement to this Marriage





2. Do anything I want you to do --Please me

3. Not allowed to touch any parts of my body below the neck

4. Not allowed to have relationship with other guys in 9 months

5. Act like a strong and happy couple infront of my family

6. Visit my parents twice a week --If they are here

7. Always call me Sir when my family is not around

8. Still your Boss at the office so act like an employee not a Wife

9. No one should know we're married in the office

10. Clean the house if possible --Do the laundry, cook, serve the food and anything I need

11. Not allowed to go in the bar or other place every weekends

12. Not allowed to go everywhere without my permission

13. Not allowed to get skinny --Do some excercise, Eat properly

14. Wear your wedding ring if needed --Not allowed to lost it

15. Wear proper clothes --I'll provide you this one

16. Accept everything I will offer you

And last but never the least



If you did something against this rules there's a punishment in every three warnings you get


1. Do what what I want you to do --Obey

2. Be my slave for the next 6 hours

3. Not allowed to sleep the next two nights

4. Not allowed to go outside for the whole day even at work

5. Spanking, Canning, being tied and blind folding --Your choice if I'm in the mood but all the time my choice is the one we will follow


If you violate and disobey any of this punishments the contract will be automatically invalid. But if you follow this rules and punishments in 9 months. The Villafuente Company will be yours again immediately.



Keep in mind that Mr. Zachary Levi Esqueza is always the Boss, the Law, the Dominant and you are the Slave, you are not the one taking control --The Submissive.


Signed by: Zachary Levi Esqueza

CEO, Esqueza's Firestone Company


Approved by: Irisian Marie Villafuente-Esqueza


I was really really shocked this time. Hindi ko akalain na mas lalala pala yung rules and punishments. Mas lalo akong nagulat sa last part ng punishments Spanking. . canning . . . seriously?


Tiningnan ko siya sa mata pero hindi ko mabasa kung ano yung iniisip niya ngayon hinihintay niya siguro yung reaksyon ko. Napalunok ako at binasa ulit ang nasa kontrata.


Magagawa ko ba lahat ito? Siya ang Master at ako Servant lang? Para akong nasa army na may sinusunod na rules at pag nagkamali may punishments. Sa bawat pagkakamaling gagawin ko may punishment hindi ko lubhang akalain na ganito ang umiikot sa isip niya sa isang buwan.

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