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I found it hard to think around Cameron. Just being near him made me blush- but not in a bad way like when I first met him. It was more...comfortable now. Except it was ten times harder to-

"Ooof!" My face collided with a wall, squishing my cheek completely. I blushed furiously, as Jason cackled maniacally. Cameron peered at me, chuckling a little too. I took a step backwards, and then stood on his foot.

Yep. It was getting a lot harder to think around him. 


Step, step, step, step, step...

"Farrah?" Jason asked me suddenly, breaking my train of thought.

"Uh huh?"

"Why are you repeating the word, 'step'?" He laughed. 

Damn boys. 


We left the science building, and snuck out to the back gates. The boys jumped over it with ease, leaving me gawping at them. For multiple reasons. 

1) I was actually going to skip school. I was doing something bad ass- with the two school's bad boys.

2) I was thinking back to the time I tried climbing over Cameron's fence- and failed. 

3) I was wearing a skirt. 


I grabbed the metal bars, gently lifting my leg up and over the cold metal. As it connected with my bare legs, I shivered, making Jason roll his eyes at me. When I got one leg over, I quickly tried dragging my other leg over, so the boys wouldn't see my underwear. I knew I should've worn short shorts underneath. I turned around and grinned at the boys, who looked fairly bored. Jason was actually yawning. 

"You take your time, don't you?" Cameron asked me simply, smiling a little. Despite his sarcastic manner, I had a feeling there was a double meaning to what he said- I just couldn't work out what. 


We set off away from school, when I remembered I needed my bag from my locker. 

"Guys, stop!" I called to them. They were ahead of me, because of my little legs- I couldn't run fast. 

"What is it?" Cameron demanded, his eyes checking behind me as if there were someone there. 

"I left my bag in my locker! Can we go back and get it?" I whined. 

"Farrah, if we go back, Mr Lopez is gonna see us, and we'll get into even deeper trouble." Cameron sighed, rolling his eyes at my stupidity. I scowled at him, storming over to his tall, muscular body. 

"Are you scared, Cammie?" I teased.

"No, but I know you are." Cameron scoffed.

"I'm not afraid. Come on Cammie." I smiled, sickly sweet, using the nickname he hated. "I need it. Let's see what a bad ass you really are."

He didn't move.

"Because to me, you just seem like a bit of wimp." I added, winding him up.

"You take that back." He hissed. 

"You gonna come and help me get my stuff from school?"

"Fine. But if we get caught, it's on you." Cameron grumbled, breaking into a jog. I smiled to myself victoriously, but then jumped out of my skin when Jason's voice floated into my ear. 

"What are you playing at?" He quizzed. 

"I just want my stuff." I told him innocently, batting my eyelashes. 


Once you got a taste of exhilaration there was no going back. And Cameron was my motivation for exhilaration. 


We crept back into the science block, where my locker was. I put in my code and pulled my bag out of my bag carefully. J waited outside Mr Lopez's door, peering in to make sure he stayed in the classroom. 

"Why are you trying to prove yourself to me?" Cameron muttered.

I stared at him, then blinked. "I'm not trying to prove myself to you!"

"So why are you doing this? What happened to the Farrah Chambers who walked around, scared to do anything bad? Who walked around worrying about what people thought about her?" Cameron asked, just as quiet as before. Something told me he didn't want Jason to hear us.

I sighed. 

I met you.

"It's my last year here. I may as well make the most of it." I lied through my teeth.

Cameron shrugged in agreement, not looking at me. I swallowed awkwardly, shutting my locker door. 

Cameron's hand reached out and stopped me right before it was about to close. 

"Wanna make an exit Mr Lopez won't ever forget?" Cameron quizzed, his eyes glinting. 

I contemplated his offer, then nodded. "What do I have to do?"

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Zoella (Youtuber)as Farrah Chambers
Sean O'Donnellas Troy Chambers
Joshua Anthony Brandas Jason Evans

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