Loved :||: Book 6 (ON HOLD)

Loved :||: Book 6 (ON HOLD)

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Sixth in the Loved Series

They all return to Hogwarts to re-live one more year of school. But the golden four has expanded! The two rival houses have merged together as one, and it's all Lily's doing. But can they do it??? The one true evil may be gone, but can they really live a normal life???? After all, it's what Lily and Harry have wanted all this time...

Harry and Lily face even worse challenges of growing up and having to move away from each other. No longer each other's responsibilities. 
Lily and Draco are so in love, they're almost in their own world, but are nineteen year-olds really ready to take on life full throttle???
Blaise and Lily Davis, their worlds turn upside down, as ever since they were kids they've been best friends and suddenly there's feelings involved?!!!!!!
Ron and Hermione are finally together after all these years of fighting each other, being in love the whole time, but will it last?

The constant pressure of high school and all the drama that comes with it, may actually drive a wedge between the new found family...who knows tho, you'll just have to read and find out.

This is a fun, relaxing book, describing the last year of their lives at school. It's nothing to take to heart, it's not meant to offend anyone, it's not meant to scare anyone. Please enjoy as we wind down the exceptionally thrilling and amazing lives of my characters, especially Lily, who I hope you have all come to love and relate.


AnnTucker21 AnnTucker21 Jul 25, 2016
I love these books so muck and I'm so happy that the author has continued it this long !!!😋🎉👍🏼❤️!!!