Broken :||: Book 2.

Broken :||: Book 2.

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Second in the Loved Series

It's their second year together, and a lot has changed. Think a long-lost twin would throw a spanner in the works? Eh, wrong. The two are near inseparable and newfound family have arrived. Out with the old and in with the new.

Things are again different at Hogwarts this year, their normal schedules been interrupted by the Triwizard Tournament...or should I say Five-wizard Tournament. Three extremely dangerous tasks are laid out in front of them and the twins must tackle them alone. It's back to the old way of not having each other's backs as they are put through cruel vigorous tests. Their friendships are strained and an unknown plot is brewing under the surface, with danger around every corner.

We're moving slightly into a more darker, more real atmosphere as their destinies are laid out before them. 

Here's the sequel everybody! I hope you enjoy it! Please comment or message me personally. I want to know what your feelings are towards my works.


vakilia vakilia May 07
ah you losers how dare you jerks! I love this series the way it is