Complete :||: Book 1.

Complete :||: Book 1.

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First in the Loved Series.

Lila Potter, is her name, well, was her name, until Dumbledore informed her she was the famous missing Potter twin, Lily. Twelve years the twins have been apart, but they are reuniting for their third year at Hogwarts. Harry is put to the challenge with being a brother, while Lily continues to discover secrets about herself that surprise not only herself but the people she's closest with.

A bond is developed, but how strong can a link between two strangers be? Friendships begin, but does Lily cramp Harry's style? Is Harry all what Lily thought he'd be? 

This is the last book where J.K.Rowling has allowed for childish innocence to be in play. The perfect setting for the years of trial, danger and betrayal to come, and for characters to become loved and lived. 


Am I one of them? Cuz if I am I'm sorry. I really love your work
Omg if this was ifront of half the books in my library i would read wattapad nonstop
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you tell them. Don't let anyone make you do something you don't want.