The Last Piece | BoyxBoy

The Last Piece | BoyxBoy

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happy gal By majestic- Updated Jul 15

DISCLAIMER: this is a BoyxBoy book so if you don't feel comfortable reading then please don't read further. 

(But it's 2016, get a grip)


Being with someone for two years definitely creates some memories and moments you'll remember forever. But when you find out that person was sharing the same moments with another person, scares you.


Tobias just went through a breakup. It was crazy for people to even think he could find someone to love since he was known for being a wild child. 

Partying and Drinking every weekend was what he was comfortable with, So finding someone to cuddle with on the weekends instead, was strange for him, yet he loved it.

He loved her. 

He loved Michelle. . . 

So when he found out that Michelle was cheating on him for more than half their relationship, it starts to bring back the old Tobias. The one, no one missed. Well . . . maybe his friends did. 

He no longer believed in love and had already processed in his mind that love was a waste of time and wasn't worth it in the end. . . 

Then Ethan shows up. 

Even after Ethan tells Tobias he plays for the other team, Tobias doesn't seem to mind and they continue with their friendship. Although Tobias doesn't want to believe it, their friendship begins to transform into more and that scares him.

It scares him because his afraid Ethan might just be the one to show him what love is again. 

Ethan might just be the one to fix the last piece, to Tobias broken heart.

And that scares the hell out of him.

I started to read right now and i already feel for Tobias :(
cagetheboy cagetheboy Apr 19
hey I just wanted to tell you that I think an even shorter blurb would leave a better impression, maybe even narrowing it down to six or seven. That's just my opinion and I think it's would work better ^-^ the one you have right now seems a little like an unfinished summary
I just read a bxb where Tobias was the bad guy this is 🅱️razy
cagetheboy cagetheboy Apr 19
I love the way you managed to describe everything that happened and his emotions so well like ahhh that's one of the hardest things fro me
HelpTheFandom HelpTheFandom Jul 12, 2016
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