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Until You by She_is_Inga
Until Youby She_is_Inga
I never thought I would be able to fall in love again until you...
Lemon Cake by AmethystAmber87
Lemon Cakeby AmethystAmber87
#PartyBoss isn't a term Tulip Carpenter coined herself but she wears it with pride. Her life is a party, she's doing what she loves, creating mindblowing celebrations fo...
The Taking by dmdealwis
The Takingby D. M. De Alwis
Lana Marlin is taken from her home on Earth to a gothic world filled with danger and sorcery. When a demon possesses Lana, will she have what it takes to overcome her ex...
Free Minds by DiverseLiterati
Free Mindsby ZaPha
A 5x Wattpad Featured Novel✨! Consider this: You make a life altering decision not too long ago that you reconsider everyday and as if that isn't enough torture, it has...
Who Am I?  by xnihtfox
Who Am I? by Mari
Hera Daley just wanted to get through high school in her normal, exhausting, boring life. Unfortunately, the genie who 'granted' her wish didn't share her sentiment. An...
The Rejects of Richmond University | editing by sumeyawrites
The Rejects of Richmond University...by Sumeya Abdi Ali
Brenda wanted a normal school year. Instead her mom died. Salma needed space from her sister and terrible ex. Or else she'd lose her mind. Delilah didn't think she'd hav...
Slow and Speedy Win the Fight by JJJ000YYY
Slow and Speedy Win the Fightby ♕Joy♕
Haresa Saenin is no stranger to villain antics. They've been doing hero work since the age of five after all. But when an old nemesis enrolls in their high school with a...
NO, SERIOUSLY, I CAN'T [ DUNNO, M...by Amari Okito
Accidents happen. See the extended summary inside.
WHEN YOU WISH [ 2024 DROP] by AmariOkito
WHEN YOU WISH [ 2024 DROP]by Amari Okito
Because I enjoy writing about them. Third and last (I hope) installment of the when series. Before diving into the stormy sea of this book, please check out the first tw...
Puck, I hate you by prayersimeon
Puck, I hate youby PDwrites
Natalia a black beautiful, intelligent badass woman who is a forensic scientist student at the age of twenty one that's ready to take on the challenges of being the only...
Heir to the throne by MerneithTaylor
Heir to the throneby Merneith
A desire for revenge results in a fight for survival when Zyaan returns to the power-divided nation of Lokya. A simple mission to seek out the man who betrayed and murd...
He bakes. She hates cakes. WARNING This story does not contain: - Mil/Billionaires - Fast cars - Hidden Prince - Sexy muscled whatever Characters are 30+ years old. Pl...
+TYPED OUT- by AmariOkito
+TYPED OUT-by Amari Okito
Monday Layeni is a rising new adult romance author. She believes in love in capital letters, and she has an ideal man in mind and won't settle for less. Kenneth Mosely i...
Knights of Zothia: Momentum by DaneJLion
Knights of Zothia: Momentumby ☘ Dane
Featured x2 • In which a rebellious princess is saved by a flirtatious asshole and his dysfunctional magic knight squad. • Ivory lacks the momentum she requires to find...
Let's Not Fall In Love(我们不要坠入爱河) by JJSinn
Let's Not Fall In Love(我们不要坠入爱河)by 🕊𝒥𝒥 𝒮𝒾𝓃𝓃🕊
Being the son of a businessman isn't easy, and Ji Nan knows that to well. So when he was forced to move he made sure to not let anyone know about his fathers income. He...
THIS MEANS WAR (ONGOING) by christinepristine
THIS MEANS WAR (ONGOING)by don't worry about it
Burvington Preparatory Academy of Excellence. Home of the "Burlie" Boys. The richest , said to be strongest and some of the most genius minds in all of Great...
Frost Academy by TreKonsi
Frost Academyby TreKonsi
You dont know me." Akeredolu Yewande Deraline is admitted into one of the elite schools in nigeria. Bring friends with a rumored depressed freak, a girl dealing wit...
The Otherworlders - The Novel by paulapdx
The Otherworlders - The Novelby Paula G.
Teenage Vampyrs, Enchanteds, and Shapeshifters join the Otherworlder Academy to train to fight off a demon horde and save the Otherworlder realm! Welcome to the rewrite...
Camp Half-Breed by DaneJLion
Camp Half-Breedby ☘ Dane
She's the vampire who murdered his parents. He's the wizard that cursed her. She seeks revenge, and he desires war. They violated the first rule ever written. They bro...