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It Happened in a Flash by Pheonix_Girl_172
It Happened in a Flashby Pheonix_Girl_172
This is a Superflash fanfic that takes place a while after the Music Meister. Once Mon-El has left Kara and Iris was saved from Savitar. In this though Barry did not hav...
  • superhero
  • superflash
  • love
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Doujinshis yaoi 7w7 by fannynohelia
Doujinshis yaoi 7w7by 😄😜
Doujinshis yaoi para fujoshis y fundashis Tiene contenido yaoi ósea chico x chico BL
  • doujinshis
  • erenxlevi
  • shota
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JayDick one-shots by JustinEnriquez7
JayDick one-shotsby Jxstyn69
Nasty jaydick fic's ;) 🔞⚠️NSFW WARNING⚠️🔞
  • redhood
  • bottomdick
  • dickgrayson
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i won't let you leave me【Yandere!Sans x Reader】 by otomonmon
i won't let you leave me【Yandere! Em
It wasn't fair. Sans had finally saved you, did it the right way without breaking any moral code. And yet, it wasn't enough. So, he decided to play by the rules the worl...
  • murder
  • papyrus
  • gaster
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Your Choice!  (A Naruto Male x Uke! Male Reader Story) by Junichiro0304
Your Choice! (A Naruto Male x Junichiro Saruwatari
Hey! So this is a first come, first serve request book for Naruto Males. To sum it up you can PM a request for any Naruto Male. The pairing is all Uke!Male Reader since...
  • requests
  • oneshotcollection
  • bara
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Male Reader One Shots! by X_The_Alien
Male Reader One Shots!by Xander
This entire book will have stories with a male/gender-neutral (if you want) reader... I'll make a story bout pretty much any fandom (except supernatural) n ill make any...
  • genderneutral
  • bara
  • oneshot
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Spiderman x Deadpool SPIDEYPOOL  by BaconBloody
Spiderman x Deadpool SPIDEYPOOL by BloodyBacon
  • bara
  • deadpool
  • yaoi
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The Way of the Lost - (Underfell Sans x Reader) by XxQueenXeno76xX
The Way of the Lost - (Underfell ~ Q̷u̷e̷e̷n̷'̷s̷ ̷K̷i̷m̷i̷m̷i...
(This is my first story, hope you like it and bear with me!) It was hard. Most if not, all of (Y/n)'s family is gone. It was cold, numb... She felt lost. Until somethin...
  • edgy
  • romance
  • underfell
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Discipline In A Ruffian Diamond (IshiMondo Fanfiction) by MysteriousB
Discipline In A Ruffian Diamond ( Ben Simpson
This story follows Ishimaru Kiyotaka and Mondo Oowada through their relationship after the events of Dangan Ronpa IF, The story doesn't get explicit till chapter 4! I'll...
  • ishimondo
  • cute
  • hope
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More Then Superfriends by gotitbebe
More Then Superfriendsby fuckit23gotme
When Barry gets trapped on Kara's earth and starts to feel something for her they kiss and she kissed back Disclaimer I do not own any of these characters they belong to...
  • kara
  • bara
  • arrowverse
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Rampion (boy x boy Rapunzel retelling) by Joelsweet
Rampion (boy x boy Rapunzel KJ
Rampion was put in a tall tower without doors or stairs at the age of twelve. Naive and innocent, his only company is a visit from his fairy guardian once a day. When a...
  • tower
  • rapunzel
  • long
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🏳️‍🌈Seme!Male Character x Uke! Male Reader by NeapoCream
🏳️‍🌈Seme!Male Character x Uke! The Name Neo🍨
This basically only for me but might as well share with everyone who like these kind of thing. I won't take Request for now but maybe in the future. So enjoy! :D
  • fujoshi
  • malereader
  • manga
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ATTHARA by tyahaha
ATTHARAby Elynaseptiani
"Tak perlu memandangku sebagai orang terjahat bukankah seorang pendosa pun memiliki sisi kebaikan tersendiri pada dirinya" -Atthara stevano anthaniel "Ak...
  • mariposa
  • nakal
  • school
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my husband my captain by Apriliahandayani123
my husband my captainby Alia handayani
cerita seorang anak remaja sma yang ingin menjadi seorang pilot wanita dan selalu berkhayal ingin mempunyai suami seorang pilot. Karena sebuah perjodohan yang tak di in...
  • alia
  • perjodohan
  • husban
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API Dan BaRa  by karlisXXX
API Dan BaRa by shining star🌠
genggam bara api biar jadi debu
  • api
  • bara
AU Sans x Reader (One shots)  by NoodleGalra
AU Sans x Reader (One shots) by Ya
Lemon, fluff, you got it hehehe Requests: Open
  • bara
  • error
  • underfell
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Bara sans x fem human reader  by tmntlover2001
Bara sans x fem human reader by MJ-chan Goddess of light
Y/n is a 19 year old human girl who fell into the world of monsters. Tori and Asgore took her in right away Asriel, Chara, and Frisk loved having a older sister. Y/n had...
  • sans
  • monsters
  • xreader
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Lâcher prise. (Mafia!Fell Sans X Lecteur) by Sweetni
Lâcher prise. (Mafia!Fell Sans X GODDAMNIT
(T/p) = Ton prénom JE N'AI AUCUNE IDÉE SI IL Y AURAS DU LEMON DANS CETTE HISTOIRE. XD Bref. *(T/P) est prise dans un monde ou personne ne la comprend, le seul endroit o...
  • underfell
  • french
  • sans
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Pandesal Series by bobogumawangstory
Pandesal Seriesby soiapogiiii
Short stories in one book.
  • beadeleon
  • theresegaston
  • teamtago
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Intentando vivir con tu recuerdo - Secuela #HomoAmantes by GiuseppeBadaracco
Intentando vivir con tu Giuseppe Badaracco
Cuando el corazón no puede más de dolor busca recursos inimaginables para alivianar la pena. Fue la noche en que Igal, indagando los motivos que llevaron a Nacho al suic...
  • bts
  • rituales
  • lgbt
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