I've written about 10 bios in the last 5 minutes I honestly think that says enough about me
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But, Shes my Best Friend (Ashton Irwin fan fiction)

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Description: Zoë and Ashton have been friends since 3rd grade. He's never realised he's had a crush on his best friend until the last weeks of senior year, but doesn't have the guts to tell her. Making him deal with all her douchebag boyfriends and stupid mistak...

t as if people were gonna say that I thought I was "too cool" to cry. But the thing was I never cried on the last day of school. To me and it was a happy fay. I didn't care if I would see some
Ive never cried on the last day of school. I dont get it because its most likely youre going to see them again or youll end up going to the same school

I laid down in my bed. Not able to shut my eyes. I stayed up watching movies. Falling asleep somewhere in the middle of "Love Actually".
Its such a good movie! Its basically different people with different stories who experience the complexities of love and heartbreak. Its all based around christmas time too, so it'd be perfect to watch sometime this week. They have it on Netflix, but if you don't have Netflix Im sure there is a free version floating around.