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I've written about 10 bios in the last 5 minutes I honestly think that says enough about me


But, Shes my Best Friend (Ashton Irwin fan fiction)

But, Shes my Best Friend (Ashton Irwin fan fiction)

55 parts / 98 pages, updated Aug 20, 2014PG-13
Zoƫ and Ashton have been friends since 3rd grade. He's never realised he's had a crush on his best friend until the last weeks of senior y... read more
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And my crush at the time reminded me of Luke so I took a personal experience and wrote about it. But yeah lol Luke's just a heartbreaker
But, Shes my Best Friend (A...

I never really read fan fiction anymore so I'm not really in the know of everyone's cliches and whatnot lol.
But, Shes my Best Friend (A...

I live an hour away oh my gosh
But, Shes my Best Friend (A...

Gosh, that must be tough. I went through something similar when one of my friends asked me out it was awkward but we found our way back to being...
But, Shes my Best Friend (A...

That's crazy! Are you guys from Florida or?
But, Shes my Best Friend (A...