- coffee addict
      - aspiring artist 
      -Dragon fanatic
      -MTG player (psssssssst anyone know what I'm talking about?)
      -The local game store and comic book store is my habitat. 
      -world peace is real
      -message me because I'm a lonely person.i will always reply. ;-;
      -yes that's me in my profile I don't like it when people use fake pictures of people who they're not. If you don't want to put your face up that's chill but don't steal someone else's.
      -Music is life
      -warped tour 2014 
      -support the lgbt community
      -stand up if you see bullying
      -fight the silence
      -be the hope for someone
      -here to talk if you ever need someone to talk to 
      -now remember kids.... Stretch your ears not your vagina
      -drop acid not bombs
      -pop punk not pills
      -biggest pet peeves are fake people and people that won't even give someone a chance.
      -have a lovely day y'all.cx
      Anchors to anchors
      Born of osiris
      Chiodos (with Brandon Bolmer)
      Famous last words
      Mayday parade
      Portugal the man
      The black angels
      These hearts 
      For all those sleeping
      Into it. Over it.
      We came as romans
      Icon for hire
      New years day
      Tonight alive
      Like moths to flames
      For today
      and so many more. I'd be here all day trying to name them. Cx
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