To me writing is poetry you can write you your feelings out on paper or even on the interwebs... even at school i feel like i get knowledge from writing like I'm writing something I'll need for later like Math the numbers look like words too me. I love to read/ write when i have free time like on the weekends or even at night i love to read at night having the information what I'm reading so i can Dream about what i was reading that night...

Little info about me ^.^

My name's Brooke 

I love Adventure Time 

I'm a Fangirl :3 

Owls are my fave Bird at the moment

Bethany Noel Mota is beautiful and she's my role model 

Demi Lovato is my inspiration <3

I always love to be a youtuber or an Author <3

ShayTards inspire me to be happy in life no matter how hard it is :D

one day I'll be that girl who will be something in the world <3

Bands/Boybands are life (;

cute things always gets me (like cute little animals, notebooks, pens, pencils, clothing, even makeup)

Cethany Zarrie, Larry, Narry, FourTris (Sheo) is my fave Ships :3
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Description: About a girl named Blaire a girl who has powers who can see ghosts... One day she falls in love with a boy named Adam but of course he's a ghost who can not love...

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