Wattpad is my game. 
I'm not here to get fame.
But, too spread my name
and this is why I'm single.

I'm pretty sure after reading
that non kanye west rap, you're assuming
I'm a lame, which is quite(another reason english pisses me off quite and quiet, who came up with this horrifying language eh) true, so I understand
if you want to leave. goodbye c; but if you are staying
heres a cookie because you are the real MVP. xD
before you read this, i did mention starbucks, but
not in a good way. So if you hate me I understand,
im weird, can't rap and hate starbucks.

☆I enjoy writing. i love rainy days, cold beverages,
sherbert ice-cream, indie, alternative rock, spotify,
pop and acoustic music, food and nutella, suspenseful movies that i can watch with friends who don't get scared, reading(bookworm),lifehouse, secondhand sernade, the fray etc, I don't like coffee so when I go to Starbucks I get a Strawberry smoothies, pineapple juice, juice in general, hate boys but they are so cute and cuddly, well some. justin bieber, chris hemsworth, avan jogia, one direction, zac efron, male models, and austin butler is mine. oh and I enjoy this face meep☛ c: ☆
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Pushing The Bad Boy Limits

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Description: INTENSE. DANGEROUS. ADDICTIVE. Hadley Reynolds is a good girl. She doesn’t drink or swear, and she has the appropriate number of cardigans in her wardrobe. Hadley believes she has enough distance from the darkness of her past, when Nash Carter, th...

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He is cold, rude and has an unbearable temper. Cyrus doesn't answer to anyone, he is dangerous, and has...

That Night Changed Everything (Slowly Editing)

That Night Changed Everything (Slowly Editing)

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After being raped and abandoned in a alley Trinity Parker, is founded by Samantha Hunter. A mysterious w...

weareyoungwriters commented on Forever and Always His - Chapter 30

                I playfully glared at him, sticking my tongue out teasingly. “Of course, Everett.” I raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t you forgetting the time when we were ten and I beat you in a watermelon...
she always takes a trip down memory lane like can she not
weareyoungwriters commented on Forever and Always His - Chapter 30

                Everett gave me a soft smile, his palm cupping my right cheek. His thumb gently stroked my cheekbone as he leaned in close to me, our noses nearly brushing. “I know, but I’ll still mi...
Um make fun of her, oh or have your friends laugh at her idk
weareyoungwriters commented on Forever and Always His - Chapter 30

                Just as my palms touched the cold metal of the doorknob, I felt a warm hand snaking around my wrist, pulling me backwards. I stumbled upon Everett’s chest, my back pressed against his...
it would have made me go 'aw' if he would've said you're so cute when your mad not pissef
weareyoungwriters commented on Forever and Always His - Chapter 30

                With a slight shake of my shoulders, my bare feet touched the soft carpet. I turned my back against Everett, heading towards his bedroom door. “I’m going to see what Maria’s doing, si...
I have a crack in my screen and I thought that said my bae feet touched the ground because the crack covers the r
weareyoungwriters commented on Forever and Always His - Chapter 29

                The rain was coming down hard, and I instantly regretted not leaving school the same time Maria and Jared did. When they offered me a ride with them home, I instantly thought about ho...
I THOUGHT IT WAS WINTER. Season changed in .2 seconds
weareyoungwriters commented on Forever and Always His - Chapter 28

                Everett chuckled, giving my hand a tight squeeze, making my cheeks go warm. “I’m trying to be romantic, Riley.” He said lowly. “Just go with it, would you?”
You wake me up, it's snowing outside, to watch the sunset not romantic you bitçh