Wattpad is my game. 
I'm not here to get fame.
But, too spread my name
and this is why I'm single. 

I'm pretty sure after reading 
that non kanye west rap, you're assuming
I'm a lame, which is quite(another reason english pisses me off quite and quiet, who came up with this horrifying language eh) true, so I understand
if you want to leave. goodbye c; but if you are staying
heres a cookie because you are the real MVP. xD 
before you read this, i did mention starbucks, but
not in a good way. So if you hate me I understand, 
im weird, can't rap and hate starbucks. 

 ☆I enjoy writing. i love rainy days, cold beverages,
sherbert ice-cream, indie, alternative rock, spotify,
pop and acoustic music, food and nutella, suspenseful movies that i can watch with friends who don't get scared, reading(bookworm),lifehouse, secondhand sernade, the fray etc, I don't like coffee so when I go to Starbucks I get a Strawberry smoothies, pineapple juice, juice in general, hate boys but they are so cute and cuddly, well some. justin bieber, chris hemsworth, avan jogia, one direction, zac efron, male models, and austin butler is mine. oh and I enjoy this face meep☛ c: ☆
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Perfect On Paper

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Description: Ellie Collins, has published this fictional erotic romance book as an anonymous author. She was not expecting the book to become bigger than 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'. She was not expecting Camden Maddox, her childhood lover to come sauntering back int...

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published a new book 'Perfect On Paper' nice romance/teen fiction stepping out of my mysterious, comfort zone. So please go check it out and give me some feedBACK eeeehhhppp!
weareyoungwriters commented on The last words ... - the last words ...

I really enjoyed reading this and I will be adding it too my reading list. This is the first poem I've read and quite frankly it is amazing. So amazing, I asked my sister about it as well. It is beautifully written and brought a smile too my face. I love the ending where you say 'I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep' It shows that she is strong and brave keep it up