I love to read,and am always inspired by other peoples stories and charicters.

I only write when im in the right 'mood' and i often start new stories cuz ive got a new idea that just pop at me! I usualy have verry diverce ideas and stories so ill probably end up with a hole bunch of stuff with diffrent ideas and plots.So im sorry if you only like 1 type of story cuz you will find more then 1 type here.

"1 question.1 honest anwser.You can ask me 1 question(IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE)about anything,no matter how crazy,dirty,publicly indecent,embarrassing or wrong it is.No catch,I will answer,but I dare you to post this on your profile"

my favorit colors are

i also have REALY bad spelling...its not my falt! so im sory if you cant always read wat i put :D 

my favorit things to do are
*dance (Jaz&tap)
*act (drama)
not always in that order

I have dirty blond hair with a natural 'tinge' of red(watever that means)that is naturaly curly and comes just to the end of my boobs.its not crazy curly but its been called 'ringlets' befor.I donate it to cancer as often as i can.

Remember,when someone annoys you,it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown.But it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and bitchslap that motherfucker upside the head! 
-best fuckin quote ever
if you havent noteced i have anger management issues


10 FANS (x)        60 FANS (-)
20 FANS (x)        70 FANS (-)
30 FANS (-)        80 FANS (-)
40 FANS (-)        90 FANS (-)
50 FANS (-)        100 FANS (-)

10 (x)    20 (x)    30 (-)
40 (-)    50 (-)     60 (-)
70 (-)    80 (-)     90 (-)    
100 (-)


oh and if i dont uplode often its because i do alot of dance and i do have a life soo i get bisy some times 
I also have extreamly bad asthma so i end up in the hospital alot (usualy 1 evey 3 months min) that also stops me from uploding 
so ya thats prity much it... bye bye  :D

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vampLover commented on Beloved Beast - Chapter Two

          “He’s further injured his back.” She heard her mother say, “Elsa, grab another coverlet-Esme, some mead.”
:c too bad you don't know where it's from..... oh well maybe I can find it through Google images. 
You must be an amazing person cuz I know I am 
;D and the whole "birds of a feather flock together thing" plussssss "great minds think alike"
vampLover commented on SAVED - Chapter 29

"Okay...uh...when you were 8 years old you would switch Jack's clean socks for dirty ones. So his feet would always smell bad and he never understood why. Mom would always be furious that he smelled...
Woah! If he was 8 and the oldest child it's safe to say she was at the most 7. To remember stuff from when you were 7 is crazzzzy. The memory she must have!
vampLover commented on Beloved Beast - Chapter Two

          “He’s further injured his back.” She heard her mother say, “Elsa, grab another coverlet-Esme, some mead.”
Oh my fugesickle you have the same profile picture as me! I've had it for over 4 years now. Weird question but where's it from? If it's a manga or anime I want to re-read/watch it. :D