The truth is, I pretend to be a cynic, but I am really a dreamer who is terrified of wanting something she may never get.” 
- Joanna Hoffman.

I was born and raised in Australia despite my Filipino background, and I've been on and off wattpad since 2009.

I'm a university student studying media and majoring in game art. I've always loved the idea of working in my dream job as a game designer so I decided to pursue it.

I mainly write to escape the harsh realities of life, plus it relieves stress. I sometimes stay up past 3-5am just to write and I guess my mind works more creatively during those times.

I have an interest in writing in different genres, even though I was previously obsessed with vampires in my early years of writing. But aside from that I might experiment with a mixture of categories and ideas. 

In the previous years I've had problems with this account and uploading stories as it has resulted in my stories being pulled apart and left scattered individually.

I hope this time it won't happen again so I'll re-upload old stories I made four years ago (Oh my god that was a long time ago) and edit them in the best possible way. 

I did try to make a new account but that didn't really work out so I'll work on this account from now on.

---Re-uploaded from 2010 to 2012---
   Midnight Bliss #150
   Descend into Darkness (There's a Vampire in my Basement) #547
   Alice in Underworld #797
   The Depraved Pureblood & I

PS: Newly written stories will be uploaded once old stories are complete.

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Alice in Underworld

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Description: Welcome to the underworld where discord and chaos plays a fine tune to the dance of death. It is kill or be killed so pick up a gun, aim and shoot. Behind the vacant eyes of a sixteen year old is a darkness that only begins to awaken from the kiss...

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