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The Stone of Life: Book Four: The Messenger100 Day Challenge (Guys... that's not even a whole year... -.0)

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Bound Consider Unaware Step-by-step Daunting...
A Thousand Words

Not so much now, but when I was younger I loved the snow. I really don't like to drive in it. I don't like to walk on it either. I love the...
Pathway to my Heart

I like your style of writing. First I was so mad at Scott because of his prideful, conceited ways. I was also mad at Kayla's constant boo boo...
Pathway to my Heart

I really like your story. I am a fan to the end.
Pathway to my Heart

When I was a child I loved breaded shrimp and I still do, lol. My mother said I ate a whole basket of breaded shrimp all by myself when I was...
Pathway to my Heart