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I am a body of experiences that seems pointless. 

I first started to write when I was 12. At the time, Youtube was HUGE. There was a small amount of writers that wrote love stories in a video formate. I was one of the first along with a writer MOVIEBOY1313 who created a new thrill of wirting. Boy and boy love stories. They were written in episodes. 

My first story was California Love. Which, because it was a fail, was TERRIBLE! and then I wrote another called One Lost Love. This was about famous boy and his parents shipped him away to an Arts boarding school. There, he fell in love with his room-mate. 

Unfortunately, they never worked out. I was like FUCK. 

And then I sat at my computer one day. And I wrote a story called BiSexual. This story, if I may say so myself, was BEAUTIFUL. It was about a lost kid who was living a bad life. And then one day, he found love. There was nothing more simple then that. That story became more famous that I EVEN thought. And why? I was nothing special. At story was so special that it reached 3 Seasons and 50+ episodes. It made me smile. I will never say that I was the best, but I feel that I changed people, like I gave them hope.

My next story was coming around the corner, I could feel it. How about I give the role of falling in love, to a famous boy that has terrible trouble becoming loved. That was just as amazing as the other. I named it Famous. But then, at this time, I was already 16. I was getting older, and came to realise that I, myself, still haven’t found my own love. And during this time, I tried to write another story, based off the Final Destination series, but that didn’t get far. I lost all my writing and notes and work on November 23 of 2010. The end of my writing.

I was getting prepared to publish a movie called BiSexual: a life of a teenage boy, in early 2011.

But thats why this is here. This is my work. I have 3 projects.
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