Status: So. . I'm voting on the watty awards, and with the popular one direction fanfics, IT'S SO DAMN HARD PICKING ONE! THEY'RE ALL BLOODY AWESOME (3 months ago)


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I'm random, I HATE pink WITH A PASSION. I'm pretty much a tomboy, I only wear a dress if my mother forces me to wear one. . . (Meaning threaten me with getting grounded) MESSAGE ME ABOUT ANYTHING!!!!! See ya'll around one day

Also, my idols are. . . 

Katy Perry ~ I love her songs, I can relate to a lot of them, she is incredible and if I could meet her one day, I would just thank her for being fucking amazing.

Nicki Minaj ~ She is and incredible singer, she sounds amazing live, and sure, she is a little on the slutty side, but she is herself and actually cares about people

Jennifer Lawrence ~ She is hilarious, she isn't afraid to be herself, and is an amazing actress.

Demi Lovato ~ No matter what she went through, she always turns it around and uses that to help other people.


My favorite quotes. . .

“If a guy is taking his girl for granted, he really deserves a slap, with a baseball bat.”  ~ Louis Tomlinson

"Everybody's weird, whether they embrace it or not." ~ Camila Cabello

 “Wow, isn’t it funny there’s a band called One Direction? Because that’s also the name I give my ass-hole.” ~ Rebel Wilson

"If your life has no problems, you're not really living it." ~ Ryan Higa

"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." ~ Albert Einstein

~ I'm working on editing and adding stuff to this. . . .

Anyway, if I haven't thanked you for following me, message me please. AND I'LL. . . I have no clue what I'll do yet. . . Message me anyway :3

Damn. I'm random


Review Book!

Review Book!

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@00rose00 Don't worry about it!
Review Book!

@00rose00 I know. I wrote this while reading the book..
Review Book!

@alana_nezz I know dear. I know
Review Book!

alana_nezz LMFAO!!!
Review Book!

@thatrandomgirl54 *It's not possible to know if you're gonna have twins.
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