I'm random, I HATE pink WITH A PASSION. I'm pretty much a tomboy, I only wear a dress if my mother forces me to wear one. . . (Meaning threaten me with getting grounded) MESSAGE ME ABOUT ANYTHING!!!!! See ya'll around one day

Also, my idols are. . . 

Katy Perry ~ I love her songs, I can relate to a lot of them, she is incredible and if I could meet her one day, I would just thank her for being fucking amazing.

Nicki Minaj ~ She is and incredible singer, she sounds amazing live, and sure, she is a little on the slutty side, but she is herself and actually cares about people

Jennifer Lawrence ~ She is hilarious, she isn't afraid to be herself, and is an amazing actress.

Demi Lovato ~ No matter what she went through, she always turns it around and uses that to help other people.


My favorite quotes. . .

“If a guy is taking his girl for granted, he really deserves a slap, with a baseball bat.”  ~ Louis Tomlinson

"Everybody's weird, whether they embrace it or not." ~ Camila Cabello

 “Wow, isn’t it funny there’s a band called One Direction? Because that’s also the name I give my ass-hole.” ~ Rebel Wilson

"If your life has no problems, you're not really living it." ~ Ryan Higa

"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." ~ Albert Einstein

~ I'm working on editing and adding stuff to this. . . .

Anyway, if I haven't thanked you for following me, message me please. AND I'LL. . . I have no clue what I'll do yet. . . Message me anyway :3

Damn. I'm random
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thatrandomgirl54 commented on Blazed - Chapter Twenty-six

Authors note: I literally hate this. I’ve just been so busy and decided against putting this on hold. Hope you guys are doing better than me at the moment. Has anyone read that book mazerunner or i...
The maze runner is a three book series. The books were really good, so I'd recommend reading the first book before seeing the movie. Mainly because they changed a lot of stuff in the movie, so it might get confusing.