If you want to call me something, call me Rae.
                              This is me, feel free to judge, because I wont judge you.

        • I've been writing since I was 12 years old. So that's 6 years.
        • I love hookah. Love it. If you don't know what hookah is, then sucks to be you.
        • I love coffee, and going to a coffee shop and reading a book or being on the interwebs.
        • I like to hoop. Which is basically dancing with a hula hoop, doing cool tricks n' stuff.
        • I am obsessed with colors.
        • I like to play World of Warcraft
        • I enjoy music you probably have never even listened to or heard of.

               For now, that is all. Just say Hi if you want to get to know me. :]

                 →  Did I FAN you? If so, then your writing and works are EXTREMELY awesome. I suggest if anyone is looking for a good read to check out the people I fanned. I don't give fans very easily at all, it's a personal thing.

     "Harry Potter is all about confronting fears, finding inner strength, and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend." Stephen King

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Love Is Blind

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Description: I don't speak. I have no reason to anymore, I have nothing to say to anyone. All they do is twist my words. They don't understand me, no one understands me. I'm to different. I'm broken, i'm crazy, i'm insane. That's how everyone puts it. What they...

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