Status: Next chapter of SSS is up everyone! Mizuki vs Clair! Who will win? Tell me what you think! :) (4 weeks ago)


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Hey there!  I recently took a two year hiatus. I'm really sorry about that. I know how it feels to have a story not update, and over these past two years I still received messages from people telling me to update my SSS story. So, this summer I plan to do exactly that. I'm not very comfortable with leaving this story unfinished, especially with how far i've come with it. So I've gone through all the chapters and edited them! Some have extra scenes or dialogue, others don't. But, expect more and soon! The second my semester ends I will be working on this! Expect a new chapter within the next month! Thank you to everyone who had had to put up with the hiatus. I apologize profusely!
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Secrets, Socials, and Seigaku

Secrets, Socials, and Seigaku

38 parts / 81 pages, updated Jun 29, 2014PG-13
Clair Brown is a four teen year–old girl who's been following her heart all her life. She's witty, smart mouthed, and loves a challenge. She's also given up ten... read more
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Yes! There will be romance!
Secrets, Socials, and Seigaku

m3126c is right! Southpaw is another word for people who are left-handed. the word is usually used in sports like: boxing, baseball, or tennis. :)
Secrets, Socials, and Seigaku

Aw! Thanks so much! :) That comment is like a ray of sunshine!
Secrets, Socials, and Seigaku

He got what was coming to him ;)
Secrets, Socials, and Seigaku

i haven't stopped reading till i started with this story. it's so good! you are such a talented writer!
His Butler with an Exorcist...