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Hey. I'm Sophie. I like reading, hanging out with friends and talking to new people. I love going on fanfiction and reading stories and sometimes writing my own fanfiction :). I like to write. I can be called a bit of a nerd but its all good :), because I'm a huge nerd! Anyone who wants to chat, message me first, thanks.
If I ever get into university I want to study so I can be a primary school teacher. 

I'm 5 foot 7, and I'm quite tall compared to some of my friends who are only 5 foot XD. But other than that I feel quite short usually since there are a lot of tall people around :)
Yes I'm from Wales (thats in the United Kingdom) but please don't judge me because of that, thanks :) because a lot of people do seem to judge people and that is unfair.
I don't mind doing school work since I'm a nerd :). I'm in year twelve studying Sociology, Media Studies, Reglious Studies and History
I'm scared of a lot of things; bats, horror movies, heights, spiders.... I'll just say a lot of things XD lol.

I have a awesome best friend under the name brideselinablackveil :D
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@kitkabounty I love Harry! He is mine hehe :D
One Direction- One Shots <3...

@kitkabounty :D
One Direction- One Shots <3...

@one_direction I will wait patiently (well try to for your reply :)) but no need to thank me :)
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You are right there, normal is boring! :D Please right more! :D I am really enjoying this story
The Help- Niall Horan Story

Yay she got a job! :D So she can help her family! :D :D
The Help- Niall Horan Story