I am 20 and I am a sophomore in college! I wish that I had more time to write, but I don't :( I love to write! I try to update as often as I can, but sometimes my updates take a long time, but when I do update I try to make them long chapters! I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them!! :)

Quick Info about me
1. I am a perfectionist
2. I love kids
3. I am protective of the people I love
4. I am super sensitive
5. I love Castle (t.v. show) & 2 Broke Girls
6. I love Taylor Swift & Hunter Hayes
7. My favorite movies are Monsters Inc., Now You See Me, and The Neighbors
8. I get stressed super easy
9. I cannot stand to let people down
10. I am NOT good with change

So, that's me, If you have anymore questions, let me know! 
Please vote/ comment/ fan!!!!! <3
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My Prince Charming Is My What?!? (teacher/ student)

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Description: Everything changed for Katelyn when she walked into her English class and saw him, Mr. Jake Hastings, her substitute English teacher. They immediately felt a connection for each other, will they be able to resist or will they they become more than...

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My Prince Charming Is My What?!? Jake's POV (student/ teacher)

My Prince Charming Is My What?!? Jake's POV (student/ teacher)

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Everything changed for Jake Hastings when Katelyn walked into the English class he was subbing for. He i...

What My Parents Tried to Keep From Me {On hold}

What My Parents Tried to Keep From Me {On hold}

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THIS IS NOT SCARY, LIKE THE TITLE MAY SUGGEST!!!! Chelsea's parents did something inexcusable, they lied...

Sometimes I wish that I decided to do something life changing like that."
Me too! I am studying to be a teacher so I am with Jake, sometimes I wish I decided to be a doctor, but I wouldn't love it the way I will love teaching :)
My top celebs that I want to meet are Taylor Swift and the cast of Castle! :)

"Want to watch a movie or something?" I asked trying to do something to make the situation more comfortable.
I know! I was trying to make it realistic and I feel like that would definitely be going through my head if 1) I was ever in that situation and 2) if I was still a minor! :)
Your comments are seriously making my night! :)

  I knew he had to be trying to figure out how many times I must have fainted to make my doctor worry, but I didn’t want to tell him that some days I faint 2 or 3 times, some days I faint more, so...
I know! I felt so bad writing this, I don't even want fictional characters to have to go through that, but hopefully she won't have to for much longer :)