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Hi my name is Samuel but please, call me Sammy! Im gay and proud of it, so don't judge me! If ya want to talk, let me know!! Please be my friend? PLEASE?!

A few random facts about me:
-Im a good listener
-Im random
-Im spontaneous
-Im fun
-Im easygoing
-Im lovable!(or so ive been told)
-Im a big love bug so i dont get pissed off easily ^^

Love me touch me hold me kiss addicted to it :3

I'm addicted to random people because their awesome! Im especially addicted to the one person who's decided he can live with me(i made the mistake of giving him the damn key) SKYLAR! Hes my best friend, the person ive turened to since 4th grade when the teacher called me out for being gay and he stood up for me. Now, hes basically living with me and i cant get enough of him!(so he claims) so im stuck with him but if he had a wattpad he'd have the top spot on my profile.
A few people i would give my  life for because i love them:
 @BoredNHyperBadCombo Shes like my little sister n i lover her very much so fuck with her and your gonne get your ass kicked by me
 @truvamp Shes an awesome person..again fuck with her and your gonna get ur ass kicked.

You know that moment when you have to let go, let go and live with the consequences? Well, I sure as hell do.

I've been through some stuff im not to happy about but Michael...he will always pull me through it and for that, i thank him. <3

GUESS WHO GOT A RING ON THEIR FINGER, BITCHES!! JK I love you all to pieces. But seriously...I got married in December to Michael :3 God I love that man.


My fatal love [boyxboy] {teacherxstudent}

My fatal love [boyxboy] {teacherxstudent}

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To: My Guardian Angel

To: My Guardian Angel

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Raymond Collins has one thing on his mind: Love. His only problem? The fact that he's too smart. And it's not just your every day Einstein smart. It's knowledge obtai... read more
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To those who've touched me

To those who've touched me

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Falling in love with the BA Mafia Boss

Falling in love with the BA Mafia Boss

4 parts / 4 pages, updated Apr 03, 2012
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Well thank you haha :3
My fatal love [boyxboy] {te...

pft, please. this story aint all that awesome. but nah, i'm going to start doing regular updates.
My fatal love [boyxboy] {te...

Well that's good to hear
My fatal love [boyxboy] {te...

Why thank you doll ^-^
My fatal love [boyxboy] {te...

Considering I don't know you at all I couldn't have possibly written that with you in mind. It's just a name. A random name generated in an online...
My fatal love [boyxboy] {te...