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why do we need 2000 characters?? I'm not sure i want complete strangers to know that much about me...but i will attempt to use all 2000 of them. however everything will be a complete lie!:

I once shot a man in Rio, just to watch him die.
I have time travlled but you can never ask me how
I think the tosh.o is funny
I believe that modern art is more complicated and requires more talent than anything from the renaissance period.
my name is Princess Consuela-Banana-Hammock
I honestly believe i will not die alone with 37 cats..........*cries*
my friends are honestly awful. wost people I've ever met. i hate them.
my uncle was attacked by a drop bear. AND LIVED. 
I know 27 different languages and speak 25 of them fluently
I think that rangas have souls.
I love my macbook.....


Johnny Depp and I are going to be married
I own a toaster
I just ate some toast
my dog is crazy 
when i get bored in the shower i sit down and read the shampoo bottles
I do not believe in gravity
I HATE ben 10 n00bs
I recently had a dream about flying....
If the world really is going to end this year then I am most probably going to die a virgin....with 37 cats...*cries*
i am not looking forward to having my wisdom teeth out... (but honestly who would be excited about that?)
If your an Aussie i will fan you, purely because being an Aussie automatically makes your cool

I'll do the rest later....


any and all feedback is welcome, good or bad, I'll read it all, make sure to comment and vote :)


Life As We Know It

Life As We Know It

1 page, updated Apr 16, 2012PG-13
this is just a REALLY rough version. i'll be editing and such later, but comment and tell me what you think :) Revealyourself~~
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Real Humans - ON HOLD

Real Humans - ON HOLD

7 parts / 18 pages, updated Dec 01, 2011PG-13
381 reads votes 14 comments 22

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Real Humans - ON HOLD

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Real Humans - ON HOLD

@DekodaJaunieceIoppol no problem, just make sure you actually do it :)
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