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a few facts:
1. I dislike  drama, had my fair share of it.
2. i tend to not pay attention to you if im reading or watching tv.
3. I love to read. Alot
4. I dont believe in ghosts
5.I am not looking to be a writer i usually read.
6.ouch that hurts.
7.Aliens don't exist.
8. im a huge Beyonce fan. 
9.I love music, and please no rap music i just hate it like i hate mustard...
10. I love watching movies. Old, new or modern.
11. YOLO really ??!!. I invented it lol
12. I have a CONFESSION, im 27 and addicted to The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. And i'm proud of it :D
13. KPop and kdrama is my current addiction
14. i love purple, purple, purple. oh yea did i mention i love purple.
My kids, they r my world. I have a 6 yr. old boy who wants to be 16 already. And a 2 year old little girl who bosses everyone around, and has everyone on the palms of her hand. I'm a total opposite from my hubby. I'm more reserved love to read, read, read, and read,  he is more let me see in the end we love each other like crazy. I suck at writing or even a poem. So when I have something in my head it just looks wierd on paper. I'm not planning to make it in the writing business I sucked in English in high school. I sucked at nouns, pronouns, adjectives, punctuation, u name it I suck. I can be super funny, every conversation u have with me something funny or stupid or something dumb comes out of my mouth, even I surprise myself. So enough with the info and just pm me whenever. It would be nice if i can make some friends.


Behind the Wall

Behind the Wall

3 parts / 2 pages, updated Apr 10, 2013PG-13
Ryan has kept an eye on her since the first time her saw her. Too shy to even bother to introduce himself. And always from behind the cold brick wall. Should he even bothe... read more
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