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Hey,hi,konichiwa,anyong,mabuhay everyone!(^_^) Welcome to my profile/page!

I'm a kpop fan! :D

My fav kpop person in the boy band is: Kiseop,Dongho,Kevin,Minho,Eli,Luhan,Xiumin and Key
And my fav person in the girl band is: Suzy,Sulli,Tiffany,Kristal
I also like kdramas.


I like reading romance books (not the kind of romance where there's gross stuff, what I mean is I like lovelife kind of books) as you can see in my library it's all romance/ teen friction, I just like reading them kind of books, its just in my blood that I like romance so much or its just an Asian thing to like romantic stuff,
will yeah, I suck! at English sorry for my wrong grammar (if I have one).

I love hellokitty,cute stuff,animes,chibi's they are just so cute and adorable. I recommend to you guys to watch/read watamote, lovelab, and little monster.

My fav colors are pink,red,white,light blue,light green.
The places I wanna go in the future is: Seoul,Korea,Japan, and Paris, France, are you wondering why I wanna go to this places? well I wanna go Seoul,Korea to meet kpop people and I like their culture as well. I wanna go Japan to see the cherry blossoms and go shopping in Tokyo and see the night life there. I wanna go Paris,France because I wanna go to the Eiffel Tower.

That's all about me (^_^) (>_<)

Jana, bye-bye,paalam


It Was A Fine Sunny Day

It Was A Fine Sunny Day

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