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My name is Becky and I'm 13 years old :) First of all, I am OBSESSED with Percy Jackson. I mean, REALLY obsessed. I have 1000 photos of him on my iPod... :P For those of you who haven't read the book series, go read them!!!! I also love:

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!!! (Love it so much)
HUSH, HUSH (I also love this :P)
Dear Vincent
The mortal instruments
The infernal devices
The hunger games
I am number four
Gallagher girls
The tomorrow series

I like other books as well, I just don't love them, you know? At this very moment I'm probably listening to:

Ed Sheeran
Taylor Swift
Imagine dragons

█ 10% qυιєт
██ 20% иσямαℓ
███ 30% αωкωαя∂ 
████ 40% яαи∂σм
█████ 50% єνιℓ
██████ 60% ¢яαzу
███████ 70% ℓσυ∂ 
████████ 80% fяιєи∂ℓу
█████████ 90% ѕнσσтѕ вσω αи∂ αяяσωѕ and swordplay
██████████ 100% demigod

“ª¤.,¸¸¸,.¤ª“˜¨¨“ª¤.,¸¸¸,.¤ª“​ ˜¨¨“ª¤.,¸¸¸,.¤ª“˜¨¨“ª¤.,¸¸¸,.¤˜¨¨“ª¤.,¸¸¸,.¤ª“˜¨˜¨¨“ª¤.
~Camp Half-Blood will always be there to welcome me home.~
“ª¤.,¸¸¸,.¤ª“˜¨¨“ª¤.,¸¸¸,.¤ª“​ ˜¨¨“ª¤.,¸¸¸,.¤ª“˜˜¨¨“ª¤.,¸¸¸,.¤ª“˜¨˜¨¨“ª¤.,¸¸¸,.¤ª“˜¨
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