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My name is Ja'Lynn Taylor. 
I suffer from depression. 
Writing is my passion.
Music is the reason I breathe.
My OC's are forms of myself, almost every one of them has something that makes them different. 
Music keeps the voices out of my head. 
I live in mancelona Michigan. Although I grew up and loved in Detroit until I was 14. I am 15 now. 
My totem in order from north east south west and center is:
Possum, contrary wolf, badger, dolphine, and turtle. 
I use shadows and sirens in my story's a lot because singing is a passion of mine. I am a sophomore this year.
I like dark colors. 
And I'm attracted to the villians in everything. Draco Mallfoy, Loki Laufeyson,  Itachi Uchiha. 
I'm known for being sort of...... Sarcastic? 
Others compare me to Loki because I am somewhat of a silver tongue. 
I have brown side swept brown hair and emerald green eyes that have black freckles in them. 
I don't make friends, friends make me. 
I can be either a wallflower or the main event. 
My friends know about my depression and know every smile I give is fake. 
Anime is another large part of my life. 
I love Sebastian, Itachi, Kyo, L, Gaara, Ceil and Ryuk.
The anime death note and black butler utterly fascinate me. 
My favorite band is paramore.
Others are:
Icon for Hire
The Hush Sound 
Falling in Reverse
Night Core
Black Veiled Brides
Peirce the Veil
Asking Alexandra
And others I can't think of.
I am a bro! BROFIST!


Akatsuki kittens

Akatsuki kittens

5 parts / 6 pages, updated Aug 08, 2014
I have read so many akatsuki kitten stories that I wanted to make one of my own. I have had in written for a while but this is the first time actually typing it. I hope ... read more
307 reads votes 43 comments 12
Out of the darknes and into his heart ( Itachi Uchiha love story )

Out of the darknes and into his heart ( Itachi Uchiha love story )

13 parts / 22 pages, updated Aug 05, 2014PG-13
Itachi had never felt this way until now. About the girl with the strange cat ears and tail. But what happens when he finds out his petty crush is something more. And when he finds out this girl is not as weak and helpless as she looks.
6,789 reads votes 161 comments 32
The Spirit of the Forest (fruit baskets)

The Spirit of the Forest (fruit baskets)

9 parts / 17 pages, updated Aug 04, 2014
The trio goes to the cabin in the forest but what happens when they find a happy winged girl who is label as the 'spirit of the forest' a girl who can talk to trees animals and sooooo much more? Well I'm not going to tell you read and find out .
6,307 reads votes 189 comments 40
My Family of supers

My Family of supers

9 parts / 20 pages, updated Jul 11, 2014PG-13
Nick Furys best friend has a daughter, but what happens when she is raped and decides to keep the baby? And why are her secrets as dark as her past............ Spider-Man love story later on
481 reads votes 26 comments 3
If I die young, take my death note

If I die young, take my death note

2 parts / 7 pages, updated Jan 29, 2014
This girl wasn't normal, the leopard ears and tail said that much. She was an alley child with no name. Given up at birth and framed a monster. What hap... read more
598 reads votes 25 comments 8
Wonderland breakout

Wonderland breakout

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Jan 04, 2014
What happens when the teen titans come upon a girl who has the madness of the hatter. The smile of the Cheshire Cat with the black ears and tail to match? One thing trouble!
647 reads votes 23 comments 12
The cat stuck in a apes world

The cat stuck in a apes world

17 parts / 18 pages, updated Apr 24, 2013
there is a few new speacies and the main charecter is amazing she is sooooo strong and vegetas adoptive daughter this is also a naruto cross over.
4,342 reads votes 116 comments 21
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