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Ok, WEIRD topics afoot, so beware! Got up this morning - ungodly hour, we wont go there - and flicked on the laptop, as usual!  HOWEVER, as I procrastinated over Chapter 38, I happened upon YouTube (happened = looking for soft-core documentaries - what were you gonna say?) a video by Jenna Marbles.  HELLO?? Why haven’t I heard of this bitch before??  Within the hour, I think I had her entire YouTube account STALKED, was made feel AWFUL by her body, and, most importantly, was made bite the bullet and realize that I needed a job.

I want a car.  I want to pay the fines if said car is impounded/debited/given loadsa ticket/attacked by yellow-impound-wheel thing.  Multiple times.  I want a gym membership.  I want an apartment, and roommates.  I want to be thin, and - DUH! - you need money to diet.  But, mostly, I want an iPhone.  An iPhone 4.  With a CrystalRoc cover.  A black one.  And to get these things, I needed a job.

Being a student, I have two months left to earn twenty grand.  I think its doable…  But, FUCK THAT! I need a new phone, with crystals on it.  I want a dog too…

SO! I emailed LOADS of hotels in my general area! Over seven anyway… Chances are, ONE of them will hire me!!!  ONE of them is BOUND to have a vacancy! PRAISE JESUS/JENNA MARBLES I GET A JOB!  So, because of this new go-to (go to the store and buy an iPhone) attitude, I cleaned out my email address, and then INSTALLED my email on my iTouch.  Mmm-hmmm… Channeled Obama and cleaned ma spam! Gurls getting that job…

Either that, or get published...


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