Well my name's Kaylen.
I'm 14.
i;m a Freshman!!
I'm in love with....Love!!

Ok I love music!! I play flute,piano,and guitar! I also sing some.

I write stories and poems for fun!( my poems tend to be depressing so if you don't like depressing crap don't read them)

My friends on wattpad are:

Dolphingirl88 and AustinLea..

Um I can be pretty crazy and random.....PM me sometime I love meeting and talking to new people!!

If you really get to know me you'll find I can be pretty depressed....

I usally care about everyone i know more than they think.

If you need someone to talk to please message me trust me I will try to talk to you and help you through whatever you're dealing with....and if you think I won't understand i've been through a lot i'll probably understand.

If I truly get to know you I can be like freaking confucious and I will usally know if somethings wrong with you...

Ok well thats about it......except NINJA TACO!!!!!

Well bye!!!! Oh and I LOVE YOU<3!!!!
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