Hi everyone,

my penname is mourgana my real name is so special that I would like to keep it for myself. lets say that it is a very ancient name who belonged to the hurrians sun goddess. So if you want I am the "sun goddess" If you google and search you may find it :-)

I am 32  ( I am adding this cause my photos are causing some irritations). I have a masters degree in following fields archeology, egyptology and my major was arabian studies. 
History and languages are my favourite since I was little. But now I work in a complete different field.
I started reading here first in Jan 2012 and I was overwhelmed that some stories were so good that I read every free minute I had. Then after a week or two I had this idea of a total different story line of the original twilight. Since then everytime my husband sees me on my laptop he says " Wattpad, again?! 

So here it is. I am writing my first books ever and that in english! Well I speak fluently several languages but between business english and writing stories is still a difference.

The first one is aurora- a different (twilight) saga
The second is sirius- the sequel of Aurora
The most impressive motto is nitzsches " if something doesn't kill you it makes you tougher" I decided to live to this motto and of course "allways trust the universe"
I like to read a lot!!! We have our own little library. I like to listen to music. In my young years I listened  to Bands like Metallica, Guano Apes, Ärzte, Toten Hosen. Then my Dark Age appeared and I have listenend to a lot of Dark Wave stuff which I still listen to. Now adays and after my University time I listen to Muse, Coldplay, Deine Lakaien, Helium Vola, Florence and the Machine and several more. I found out about Kill Hannah and I admit I like most of the songs! Despite or may be cause the interesting weirdness in the voice of  the lead singer... Since Summer 2012 I became addicted to a british indie rock band "your army"
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Sirius- continuation of a different twilight saga (sequel of Aurora)
aurora- a different (twilight) saga

aurora- a different (twilight) saga

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Hi guys, since I didn't post a christmas message earlier I still hope you had a blessed xmas evening. Tomorrow is new years eve and I hope everyone has made the List for 2015. I did. Between get more Rest and back off a bit on the job side I want to finish my story.  Wish you all good health, happiness and love! Those are the most important things in Life. Happy New year.
Hi guys, I know, I Know I am very vey sorry. My last update was a long time ago. I am not making up any excuse but this was the hardest year for me. My Mother in law has got cancer, got very sick and died. My baby, my cat which I had for almost 15 years died 3 months ago in my arms in my bed. These are only the highlights of terrible times of this year. I hope to continue writing soon. Thanks for staying with me and writing me so lovely messages. Thank you. Big hugs
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Dear Cassandra, after longer absence from wattpad I got back and I am so happy! Thank you for all the chapters I read today! I am still totally intriqued to see how Edward and Bella will be together... love this story! Get well soon my dear...