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Birthday: April 27
Fave amimals: wolf, owl, horse, dolphin
Fave colors: purple, lime green, blue
loves: music, sports, nature, the water

My Fave Saying: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -Eleanor Roosevelt-
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You made me cry! Love it
One Friday Night

It's about time!
The Alpha's Daughter

SEQUEL!!! I can't believe u ended it like that. U can't give us a cliff hanger without a a sequel!
The Robber Knight

I kind of feel like a fangirl cuz I'm here in the middle of the nights silently squealing about how adorable tony is!
The Fox and The Wolf

Ur endings grab me every time. I think " ok last chapter then go to sleep" but nope the endings makes me want more! It makes me want to throw my...
The Alpha's Daughter