Hey, what's up? My name is Luna. I'm a high school graduate. My last name is negrete but it's soon to be Rodriguez cause me and my babe are getting married. Anything else you wanna know hit me up ^~^
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The Grim Reapers

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Description: Most teenagers like to say that their families are strange. That their parents are freaks, or that their siblings are annoying. For Lolita Reaper, that is not the case. While most kids would hate to take over their family's business, Lolita wants no...

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The teacher hushed the class, "that's the word I was looking for god. We hurt god all the time yet god loves us unthinkably because god is forgiving.'' He said giving a smile.
*takes glasses off, and rubs bridge of nose* why does shit always turn into a religious argument? me and my husband are Catholic,and we believe in God,but we don't argue with people who don't. its their choice and belief,just like we have ours. this is a fictional story,made my a writer who had their own beliefs,and was only trying to be creative with their writing. so please,for the love of everything that is strange in this world, stop with the freaking hate already...you may go back to reading *puts glasses back on*
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“Don’t dare touch her face. My mate is beautiful with her natural looks.” My heart feels like a bullet train.
my husband gave me a "what did i do?" look because i glared at him on this part.
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He headed towards the hose and turned the faucet on. I watched as he washed his hands under the running water and splashed it on his face. The world stopped spinning on its axis when he shredded his...
i feel like I'm cheating on my husband with this book.