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Name just call me Liz
Location Oz
Birthday Apr 30
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I love reading wattpad stories, especially about werewolves! 
i love my small family, my son and my husband!
i love metal, anime, shojo manga's, and k-pop!
I am 21, and i feel like a teenager! <3

3 Things I love to eat: 
-i love orange sherbet ice cream! <3
-I love sushi! 
-I love Mexican Candy! OMG! so good! :)

3 Thing I hate:
-I hate rootbeer!
-I hate onions
-I hate Mustard 

Things that make me laugh! 
-Pranks and accidents on YouTube! ...or memes! XD
-Russell Peters! (funny comedian)
-Snoring game with my son (he always ends up laughing at it, which makes me laugh too!)

I guess a few other things but i didnt want to bore you too much!


Say what?!

Say what?!

2 pages, updated Apr 08, 2013PG-13
Nothing is harder than a crush not returning your feelings.........wrong, nothing is harder than your mate rejecting you for someone else! (yeah, im bad at summaries, and this ... read more
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The sister gets the Alpha

OMfreakingG! That had ME swooning! I am SO loving this story!
The sister gets the Alpha

Holidays went by quick. Hope you had a good one, and I hope you update soon. I love this book.
Lady And The Wolf

This is by far my favorite chapter! I could read and retread it over and over again! It makes me clench my stomach in anticipation! I love the...
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