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  I've lost to two people I trust most on this earth.
They used to fill me with laughter and mirth
Now they just fill me with pain and hurt
So don't even tell me you understand
Because I know you never can.
More than just this is wrong
But you'll never know
Because I let it go.

~About Me~

 My name is Alyssa. I'm not very good at writing but I love it for some reason. I have started writing many books but never end up finishing them. I always get a new idea or forget to write about it.... My three passions are Special effects makeup, journalism, and photography. I own two professional Nikon cameras. One is a Nikon D7000, and the other is a Nikon D70. Wildlife photography is extremely fun, but so is portrait photography so don't ask me which I like to do best, The conversation will never end! This is it for now...




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