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Description: Unique is summoned into the Infinity Zone by The Protectors one day so they can request her help in their mission to save the six dimensions from the fate that the Seventh dimension was dealt. Only she can help them, because she's is the only human...

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a)       It’s time to call in his fake uncle Zack and ask him for help.
It would look too suspicious that he was the only student not there for the blood drawing if they went on a trip right after that announcement. And they'd probably still make him go to the office when he gets back for the blood drawing anyways. I think it'd be cool if he called his uncle and devised a plan to switch out his blood with someone else's. :)

a)       It’s time to call in his fake uncle Zack and ask him for help.
It'll look suspicious if he goes on a trip with his uncle, so don't do that. But he defiantly should call his uncle! Maybe find a way to swap out his blood for someone else's with the help of his uncle. I don't know..

@_brilliant Can you do one on how to deal with a shy guy? My crush (soon to be boyfriend this Wednesday) is super shy and super easy to influence. I just want to get to know him! Not the him that everyone told him to be. I want his honest thoughts, but he's so shy! He always flips the question back onto me. I feel like I do everything. His best friend told me he's going to ask me to be his girlfriend this Wednesday. It doesn't help that this will be my first date and boyfriend ever! I'm extremely clueless...
Hey guys! So, I know I almost never post anything I write on here, but I wanted to let you guys know that I'm going to start! I've had a book in my head for over a year now and I've finally gotten around to working on it. I'll be posting a chapter at least once a month. It's coming along fabulously and I'm super excited for it! I hope you guys read it and enjoy it! On a side note, one of my favorite Wattpad  authors has been getting a lot of hate mail for not updating her book Mail Boy. It is absolutely absurd! Calling people names anonymously over the Internet over a book that THEY write for YOU is not only immature, but disappointing. Please, promise me none of you guys will ever do this? Alrighty, that's it for now.