I'm an American (Black)  17 year old girl and 
•	I love to read
•       Tumblr
•	Hot boys
•	Almost any type of music
•	Nail polish
•	Notebooks
•	Lyrics
•	I’m very blunt(sometimes it’s a problem)
•	I’m in love with anything that has to with romance (Hopeless Romantic here)

Well I love anything Romance, that's what I'm here for. The only stories I read are cliche, girl loves boy romances. I love
•	Werewolves 
•	Arranged marriage
•	Pregnant with his baby
•	She has to be his fake wife
•	Falling for the bad boy
•	Accidental marriage
•	Met by accident love
•	Happy Endings

I HATE Fan-fics, love triangles, guy bestfriend interference(in stories), and stories where important characters die, so no sad stories!(I'll feel empty for days)


Temporarily His is Humor #9 and Romance #7
Trusting the Alpha Werewolf #363 Romance #820
Chasing December Humor #28 Romance #37

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If you have questions email me at lalamusicismewatt@gmail.com
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Description: There was something about him. Or maybe there was something about me. I didn't want him in my life but he ran into it; literally. He liked to hide in trees, irritate me, and read books; despite the fact that it went against his image. He was more th...

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coco29539 posted a message to lalamusicisme
I think both stories sound very interesting and I can't wait until you get around to writing them. I can tell with The Businessmans surrogate that there is going to be a lot behind Carson...I can feel it. Finally back on Wattpad after a few months break I am sooo behind on Chasing December. Hope I'll get around to reading it soon. Keep up the great work!
if you can make me a cover that I absolutely love for Consorting Jordan and The Business Man's Surrogate.

1. A Shout out + a dedication in CD and the new story
2. I will read a chap of your story and tell you what I think
3. Any hints you want about the ending of CD or the Beginning of one of the new stories!

SO ENTER NOW!!!! You can send me the link through here by uploading them to tinypic, tumblr, photobucket, twitter, ect. OR you can email me at  lalamusicismewatt@gmail.com

Here's a snippet of Consorting Jordan! PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!
"Here’s some violets, I guess." Jordan managed to gruff out. I smiled and took the purple flowers from him. He huffed and glared at me "what’s the history?"
“Huh?” I asked shocked that he even did a nice gesture for me. I quickly caught onto what he was talking about and was happy to answer. “There's several stories but the one that stuck out the most to me was well ya know the dictator Napoleon? Well when he married his wife Josephine she wore violets on her wedding day so every anniversary he brought her violets. She died before him. So when he died he wore a locket that contained violets he had picked from her grave site.”

He quickly plucked the flowers out of my hand and crushed them underneath his shoe. I nibbled on my top lip a little before sucking in a breath. I sighed before going back to my book I was reading.

The Businessman's Surrogate snippet!!: Tell me what you think
"Skarlet you cant keep leaving these clothes here." Carson complained, picking up various shirt and pants thrown across the room.
“But I cant find them if they aren't.” I shrugged turning back to my sandwich and watching some old television show.
“Put them in the hamper if they’re dirty put them in the closet or drawers if they're clean. Simple.”
“But i don’t know which is clean which is dirty. I just sniff and I’m good to go. I take showers everyday technically they’re not dirty.” I laughed when his face curled up.
“You’re disgusting.”
“And you’re a stuck up rich boy.”
“What’s that have to do with anything?”
“Oh i thought we were talking about things that aren't going to change?” Just like everyone else in the wold, I could care less about what Carson thought of me.