I'm an American 17 year old girl and 
•	I love to read
•       Tumblr
•	Hot boys
•	Almost any type of music
•	Nail polish
•	Notebooks
•	Lyrics
•	I’m very blunt(sometimes it’s a problem)
•	I’m in love with anything that has to with romance (Hopeless Romantic here)

Well I love anything Romance, that's what I'm here for. The only stories I read are cliche, girl loves boy romances. I love
•	Werewolves 
•	Arranged marriage
•	Pregnant with his baby
•	She has to be his fake wife
•	Falling for the bad boy
•	Falling for the brother's best friend, or the best friend's brother
•	Accidental marriage
•	Met by accident love
•	Happy Endings

I HATE Fan-fics, love triangles, guy bestfriend interference(in stories), and stories where important characters die, so no sad stories!(I'll feel empty for days)


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Chasing December

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Description: There was something about him. Or maybe there was something about me. I didn't want him in my life but he ran into it; literally. He liked to hide in trees, irritate me, and read books; despite the fact that it went against his image. He was more th...

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Temporarily His

Temporarily His

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He needed a wife for his company, she needed money for her family. "Blaze the last thing I want you to...

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Trusting the Alpha

Trusting the Alpha

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The pack, that I come from was horrible, their was no such thing as being mates with your true mates for...

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My Wattpad Rant! Plus Tips and Tricks!

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I'm Not a Fish! I'm a Mermaid!

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TMRO FOR SURE (not spongebob style lol). I already have 95% of it typed up, I'm just finishing the Halloween scene and finding the right pics for the costumes. I'm just suuuper tired right now. So I'm gonna sleep and try to finish this first thing in the morning.
OMMMMG WOOOOO  1,000,000 readss!!! YASSS thanks everyone. I finished my test and it took like four hours but I feel surprisingly refreshed after it. So I will be getting a chapter out soon! Even if I have to strap my self to my computer.
999,547 reads......... I'm speechless.... OMG You guys are soooooo sweet. We are a little ways away from 1mil and we're not even on the 20th chapter yet!! Thanks sooo much! And although my brain will be fried, dried, and laid to the side after this ACT-test, I will TRY my hardest to get out a chapter this weekend. I already have 1,000 words. Soooo once I'm done stressing with this test, I hope to be able to update quickly. Senior-itis is a bitch I swear..... and I have it bad.