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http://www.movellas.com/story/201307142321285351-the-prodigy-project-consequence -The sequel to TPP

Currently studying Creative Industries in college... https://chloemccormick.wordpress.com/ take a look at my portfolio!

I'm rather boring these days, so feel free to brighten my day ^.^

I'm a KPOP and rock fan, but I do have interests just about everywhere else musically so feel free to drop a message about that!

& before you stop reading, be warned - most of my writing pre-2014 is pretty bad. I reckon I'm not bad at writing now, but I /sucked/ big time at the start 3 years ago. Most of my writing here is pre-2014. Not gotten round to writting much this year. If you do start to read my stuff, I highly recommend either Wolf Lake (in editing), Traveller Boy (sort of on hold, though), or The Seventh King of Gauna (a few plot holes, but hey, not too bad :P). Just anything but The Prodigy Project... Which appears to be the only thing people read of mines.

4th place runner up of the 2012 Watty Award sci-fi on the rise with 'The Prodigy Project'.... God knows how that happened.

Questions about wattpad? Ask me anytime ^.^
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Description: Despite their financial situation, Hannah's mother isn't taking no for answer when she applies on Hannah's behalf to attend college with her twin sister, Clover, who's already been there for a full year. There she finds the web of lies spun by her o...

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@sophiekates Occasionally, yeah, but most 16 year olds I know have jobs that pay similar if not more than most adults. 
      My mum had me at 16. I wasn't deprived of a single thing despite the fact she was thrown out by her own mother. Most of my friends who have kids are in a similar situation and are and will do great. 
      I can't speak globally, mind you. I'm from Scotland. 
      I can totally see how that'd be a problem for certain individuals if their own situation made it become like that, though.
lacoco commented on I miss you.

Heyy :3 Felt like returning the favour, correction wise. Helps us all improve, I guess. 
      Hmm, I recommend capitalising the title? How it's supposed to be done. 
      And using the correct punctuation with dialog. Sometimes you use it, sometimes not at all. 
      Also using commas to break up some sentences. 
      Will read chapter twwoo
lacoco commented on Wolf Lake - Chapter 3

Look it up? Rude. 
      I know that's grammatically correct, but due to sloppy editing of this novel I now have a mash up of past and present tense. I'm not sure what line you're referring to but I'm sure it was either a mistake or previously 'I've taken', because this novel was in present tense up till chapter 15.