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Description: {Book 2, Wolves of Mateo} Austin has been taken, and now Dante and Riley will stop at nothing to find him.

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Wolf Lake

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Naomigreen posted a message

Please tell me that you've seen the Buchanan street footage! Riots in Glasgow., and it's the No voters that are rioting! Obviously the BBC and Channel four are blaming the Yes campaign, the good natured Impartial bunch - spineless dicks!   Burning the saltire flag, Nazi salutes. I thought this died out in 20th Century. Welcome  to the new order. Scotland seems to have morphed into a third world country in the space of 24 hours and the labour party  and Torries are already backing out of the full devo promises. I hope the 55 % are proud of themselves. #Scotland's Shame.

JonathanMagistad posted a message

I think that is No wins, it is only delaying the inevitable. The next generation will end up voting independence.

Naomigreen posted a message

It's here! Finally. I really can't wait. Freedom is so close we can almost taste it. Alba gu bràth!

lacoco posted a message

20 facts challenge or whatever as nominated by Brooke =DD 

1. I'm from Scotland 
2. I'm going to lie and tell you I'm also from Korean. Wishful thinking. 
3. I'm obsessed with KPOP 
4. I'm obsessed with the indyref
5. also obsessed with writing 
6. I have a lot of obsessions 
7. Wear black like its going out of fashion 
8. I love pale skin. Like, so pale you need to buy special makeup. 
9. Winged eyeliner<3
10. Adeline Yen Mah is my current inspiration of sorts. 
11. Daesung, Tao, Lee Joon, Lee Seung Gi, Chen <3 And of course you reading, too. <3<3
12. I'm currently studying Creative Industries in College. Easiest shit going. 
13. I draw a lot of portraits. 
14. I'm a misophoniac :PP 
15. Vegan 
17. I missed out 16 
18. Running out of facts 
19. 16 years of age. 
20. I'm finished 

I nominate everyone who sees this to do the same as post 20 facts ahaha

lacoco posted a message

I've been so inactive from wattpad lately. Really don't know why. 

This might be my last night as part of the UK, which will hopefully be the case. Wish Scotland luck for tomorrows vote and Scotland's future <3