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      http://www.movellas.com/story/201307142321285351-the-prodigy-project-consequence -The sequel to TPP
      Currently studying Creative Industries in college... https://chloemccormick.wordpress.com/ take a look at my portfolio!
      I'm rather boring these days, so feel free to brighten my day ^.^
      I'm a KPOP and rock fan, but I do have interests just about everywhere else musically so feel free to drop a message about that! 
      & before you stop reading, be warned - most of my writing pre-2014 is pretty bad. I reckon I'm not bad at writing now, but I /sucked/ big time at the start 3 years ago. Most of my writing here is pre-2014. Not gotten round to writting much this year. If you do start to read my stuff, I highly recommend either Wolf Lake (in editing), Traveller Boy (sort of on hold, though), or The Seventh King of Gauna (a few plot holes, but hey, not too bad :P). Just anything but The Prodigy Project... Which appears to be the only thing people read of mines. 
      4th place runner up of the 2012 Watty Award sci-fi on the rise with 'The Prodigy Project'.... God knows how that happened. 
      Questions about wattpad? Ask me anytime ^.^
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Description: Ever believed in super heroes? Nadia didn't. That is until, she became reality’s equivalent to one, along with 239 more unfortunate others. Put together, a division between good and bad form, a battle and potential war develops. This is the T.P.P –...


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Despite their financial situation, Hannah's mother isn't taking no for answer when she applies on Hannah...

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The Seventh King of Gauna

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After a prank gone wrong, Riley is left abandoned in the forest with snapping wolves approaching her fro...


@linahanson I totally get you omg xDD 
      The emoticons don't have a place in wattpad works and will just make reading here bad. I mean, the changes have already done that... but it'll make it worse. I use emoticons a lot in general chat though ahaha
      See, I don't like the new works though haha :3 
      and I haven't noticed that! Does it really do that? I need to check my recent updates >.> I spend my time on a different writing site now since the changes so I didn't realise :O

Alignment, Author notes, and Fonts all sound great! The rest would make it a little... hmm... 
      a specific section for author notes would be great. Just something that universally signifies an authors note on all wattpad stories. People use so many different ways to author note that it gets a bit confusing. 
      and perhaps with fonts - offer a cursive and a regular readable font. What's the need for any other fonts?

@skyrose13 Here it's taught to 6 year olds and older. The way it is taught is old fashioned - don't do this, don't do that, it's bad and it's sinful. It's not, it's life, and as long as you're 16 and older you shouldn't be discouraged from having partners. 
      uneducated people have a rough time in general, never mind with a kid. It's their own fault if they end up with a child and can't deal with it. Unfortunately, most teenagers who fall pregnant are in this category. 
      What I found pretty judgemental of your comment was your implying that all teenage parents ruin their lives. If they're stupid and can't get a job, sure - but a lot of teenagers do have their head screwed on these days, might come as a surprise, but they do. A lot have really good wages. 
      I hate when people blame having kids as a teen as the reason they couldn't do much in life. It was your own fault for having a kid when you weren't educated enough to get a god damn good job. 
      Sex education needs to be implemented with only facts and no biased one sided opinions like 'having kids as a teen is wrong'. It's not. It's legal and it's perfectly okay. 
      Not ALL teen pregnancy is a bad thing, and life can become significantly better if teenage parents would stop complaining and put some effort into living a decent life. 
      I realise you weren't insulting anyone, and I wasn't trying to insult you either but as I reread my comment I suppose it probably sounded that way. I apologise for that. 
      I do think that it should be emphasised to avoid bringing kids into the world at all costs if you and your situation isn't ready - which might sound contradicting to what I said before - but some teenagers I believe really are ready and can make a great deal of their lives with kids which is why I don't think teenage pregnancy should be cast in a complete negative shadow, yknow?
lacoco commented on Whoa Baby - Chapter 5- Sex

Paying the lady an absurd amount of cash for a single pill that's going to stop this huge mistake I've made, I took the bag in my hand, clasping it tightly and made sure it wasn't visible on the outs...
I'd dry swallow that thing before you'd even consider counting to three.