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i love reading therefore i have made this pledge ~~~~~~~

 'I’m tired of people bashing the What’s Hot list! I declare a reformation. It’s not the writer’s fault, people of wattpad, it’s the sitting there complaining about it but not actually doing anything. The way to help writers become better is to leave real critiques and help them. So, I decided to make a pledge. The Wattpad Pledge: I want to know the truth about my writings and I believe that others want to know the truth as well. I promise: to give  real critiques and say what I liked and didn’t like and what can be fixed. To be truthful but not rude. To read popular and unpopular stories to spread happiness to everyone. To read the chapter thoroughly - no skimming.'
this is the wattpad pledge and i pledged to it :D:D

even though i love reading, i wanted to try and write aswell so.... read them and me what you think???
i want to read criticisms, want to know how i can change my story to make it better!
So i hope u will enjoy :D

jenyaa xoxo


3 Years Later

3 Years Later

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Blood Promise {Book # 2 of the Bloody Dance Series}Blood Prize {Book #1 of the Bloody Dance Series}

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That was an amazing chapter, it gives us an insight as to why xavier is as he is. Hope you update soon
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