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Hello, my good citizens. You have journeyed far and long to come to this account. Your reward? Great prosperity...Nah, I'm just kidding. But perhaps you'll gain more than you've bargained for! 

Go ahead, search and rifle through my works. I'd love feedback, and of course the votes and fans are always most appreciated. I promise I won't bite if you message me with a question, or even just wanting to chat a bit! (:

A few things about myself? I suppose you can know this basics. I'm learning Korean (I LOVE K-POP), red is hands down my favorite color, writing is my passion though not a career choice, Dr. Pepper is the only soda I drink, aaaand . . . music is the best thing that's ever crossed my path.

If you have other questions, PM me. As said before, I won't hurt you in any shape or form! 


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Professor Shin (2Shin + Side!VinSeop)

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Description: Shin Soohyun was a family friend of Dongho when he was young. Dongho, being a ten year old at the time, admired and had quite the crush on the 18 year old. But when Soohyun went to college he no longer visited, leaving Dongho to still long after him...

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Seducing Daddy [NOT UPDATING]

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The high school quarterback and the tomboy? Yeah I don't think so! [COMPLETED]

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An arranged marriage to my best friends boyfriend...shit. [COMPLETED]

An arranged marriage to my best friends boyfriend...shit. [COMPLETED]

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sometimes people follow me just to send private messages and tell me how they hate my book and hope I die. I know sad but I just ignored them and kept dining what I wanted to. you a great author
I love "I lost my virginity to my teacher" don't listen to any mean comments because if you believe that you did it right in your own heart then keep doing what your going girl. just wanted to let you know that
JezzNikz posted a message to itsmebitches
is i lost my virginity already completed? can you make another chapter of it? i want more, what will happen to sophie after they ran away?