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Hello beautiful Reader! My name is Keagan.  I started writing on Wattpad when I was 10, and that’s actually how old I was when I had my old account, newfiegirlx00x , and posted the story, Baby Bella. It has gotten amazing feedback. Years later, I have re-posted this story, and am hoping more readers will realize this. My passion is writing, reading and dance. I like long, awkward strolls on the beach and I drink my tea with a spoon.. I hate liars, cheaters and Greek yogurt. I agree that love is love, no matter if its boyxgirl, girlxgirl, or boyxboy. 

I'm a HUGE fan of the CW show, Supernatural, so message me if you are too, and we can fangirl togther!
My favorite actors are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. <3 

I now have a new account specifically for Wattpad related questions! Check it out! :) I answer everything! I promise!!

ALSO: Follow me on instagram at keaganstoyles1 for a follow back! <3 

Want to see how I picture my characters? Visit for pics!

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Since I've been through a long battle with depression, I know how suffocating it can be. I know a certain kind of sadness can be addicting. I know you think you're alone. But you're not. You have me and the entire world, your friends, your family. I'm here for all of you. Finding a hobby helps. For me, ballet and writing were my escape. There IS hope, and you can get through this. Keep smiling, beautiful. 

Thanks so much everyone, I truly love you all.
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The White Tigress

The White Tigress

27 parts / 75 pages, updated May 27, 2014PG
Arisidia Light is 16. She's been hunting vampires as long as she can remember. She's quick, she's smart, she's beautiful--she's known as the White Tigress for her white ... read more
628,291 reads votes 11,282 comments 952
Baby Bella

Baby Bella

69 parts / 160 pages, updated May 16, 2014GVideoPictures
Bella was left at only a few months old. Emmett and Edward find her....but can the Cullens really raise a human such as Bella without hurting her? not to mention Bella is the m... read more
3,333,060 reads votes 38,930 comments 7,446


4 parts / 6 pages, updated May 11, 2014PG
821 reads votes 53 comments 13
Secret Hybrid

Secret Hybrid

10 parts / 27 pages, updated Feb 26, 2014PG
Iona Price has never really fit in with the group of vampire hunters she was raised by. For one, she's half vampire, half witch. For two, she can't fight, and hates to see p... read more
10,101 reads votes 455 comments 74
The Beauty of a Rose

The Beauty of a Rose

22 parts / 71 pages, updated Feb 22, 2014PGVideo
Desiree Rose was always a somewhat normal girl. She moved between relatives a lot, and she had a rose shaped birthmark on her hip, but other than that, Desiree was ty... read more
20,244 reads votes 646 comments 106
Leather & Satin (The Bad Boy and the Ballerina Ver. 2)

Leather & Satin (The Bad Boy and the Ballerina Ver. 2)

23 parts / 58 pages, updated Feb 02, 2014PGVideo
Meet Alexia Vale. She's a born star, a beautiful, talented ballerina with big dreams and a big heart to match. Armed with her tutu and ... read more
108,590 reads votes 2,470 comments 306
Lips Of An Angel

Lips Of An Angel

21 parts / 51 pages, updated Oct 06, 2013PG
Ever Harlim is an Angel, actually, she's the princess of all Angels. She is sent to earth when she refuses to marry a stranger. Her car crashes, but Emmett Cullen finds h... read more
46,861 reads votes 1,189 comments 174
I Am Yours (Baby Bella Spinoff)

I Am Yours (Baby Bella Spinoff)

6 parts / 8 pages, updated Oct 04, 2013PG
**BEFORE READING THIS, READ BABY BELLA, THERE ARE SPOILERS!** Alec and Isa are ready to start their lives as vegitarian vampires, excited to earn their golde... read more
17,433 reads votes 551 comments 119
The Bad Boy And The Ballerina *COMPLETED*

The Bad Boy And The Ballerina *COMPLETED*

57 parts / 120 pages, updated Sep 12, 2013PG-13PicturesCompleted
*COMPLETED, NEW VERSION IS CALLED LEATHER AND SATIN.* Meet Alexia Vale. She's a born star, a beautiful, talented ballerina with big dreams and a bi... read more
2,384,972 reads votes 25,782 comments 2,419


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@emmy174 I know. I'm from Cambridge, which is why I used it as the setting. I know it's a safe place--I was raised there. For the sake of fiction,...
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I'm so glad ya'll understand!
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A size 2 is NOT by any means, overweight! Alexia is a ballerina and is expected by society to be small and petite.
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Yeah! I've been dancing since I was 2.
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He was and then there was intermission. He went out during intermission. You'll see in the next chapter.
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